The 4 Auspicious Qi

Four Auspicious Qi
There have Four Auspicious Qi: Sheng Qi(生气, Qi Generating), Tian Yi (天医, Heaven Doctor), Yan Nian (延年, Longevity) and Fu Wei (伏位, Stability)

生氣 – Sheng Qi (贪狼星), Tang Lang Star or Greedy Wolf Star. In five elements, this Qi is Yang Wood. This Sheng Qi may produce new Qi as it name call Qi Generating, so it will bring more wealth, hard work, and good activities. It may also used to activate career, wealth, study, pregnancy, and more. Inside the house, this sector must always have more space to let the Qi circulate and gather then it will generate more good things out. If edit water into it, it will gather the Qi and will make this Qi more stronger.

天醫 – Tian Yi (巨门星), Ju Men Star or Huge Door Star. In five elements, this star is Yang Earth. This Qi is balancing, mean that everything in here is balance. So it good for health, when fall sick then it will recover it back. It also can used it as secondary wealth, but the Qi is not strong still it consider can be use. Suitable for health, ward of bad luck, secondary wealth and sleep.

延年 – Yan Nian (武曲星), Wu Qu Star or Military Art Star. In five elements, this star is Yang Metal. Yan Nian Qi is like flowing toward inside and it will make combine it. So this Qi can be used for longevity, love, relationship and marriage. For elder people can choose this sector to sleep and it will more healthier. For single, can activate this Qi and will improve the relationship.

伏位 – Fu Wei (辅弼星), Fu Bi Star or Assist Star. In five elements, this star is Yang Wood. Last Four Auspicious Qi, this Qi is moving upward and it form like a support. So this Qi is giving a support to everything. Suitable for study, meditating, altar, and activities that need support. So when you study in this sector, it will give you more stability to understanding and meditating, it will more focus to it.

Four Inauspicious Qi
Left of the Eight Mansion Qi is: Jue Ming (绝命, Life Endanger), Wu Gui (五鬼, Five Ghosts), Liu Sha (六煞, Six Killings) and Huo Hai (祸害, Mishaps).

絕命 – Jue Ming (破军星), Po Jun Star or Destruct Army Star. In five elements, this star is Yin Metal. The Qi in here, is like self destruct and it form something like life threatening or endanger. This Qi also can be say as suicide itself. It will cause of sick, emotional, mentally unstable and health issues. It is advise not to touch or activate this sector, else it will bring misfortune to you and your family members.

五鬼 – Wu Gui (廉贞星), Lian Zhen Star or Chasity Star. In five elements, this star is Fire. This Qi is contain of strong brutal, attack and competitive power. It will cause of a lot of misfortune, such as accident, people will brutal, injure, catch fire, and a lot. In 八宅明镜, BaZhai Ming Jing, record that it Wu Gui is very danger and it still behind the Jue Ming. But it still consider very danger.

六煞 – Liu sha (文曲星), Wen Qu Star or Literally Art Star. In five elements, this star is Water. The Qi is flow in downward and after ward it will flow in disorder. Inside here it will destruct the relationship, marriage, career and friendship. It will cause people sex desire, love desire, health issues, relationship problems and so on.

禍害 – Huo Hai (禄存星), Lu Cun Star or Fortune Storage. In five elements, this star is Yin Earth. The Qi is exist in the way of sink, and this Qi will interrupt peoplefeeling and mentally. It will also cause people low spirit and lose of struggle of making progress to success.

坎 North, Gua 1
生氣    :    東南 SE
天醫    :    東 E
延年    :    南 S
伏位    :    北 N
禍害    :    西 W
五鬼    :    東北 NE
六煞    :    西北 NW
絕命    :    西南 SW

坤 Southwest, Gua 2
生氣    :    東北 NE
天醫    :    西 W
延年    :    西北 NW
伏位    :    西南 SW
禍害    :    東 E
五鬼    :    東南 SE
六煞    :    南 S
絕命    :    北 N

震 East, Gua 3
生氣    :    南 S
天醫    :    北 N
延年    :    東南 SE
伏位    :    東 E
禍害    :    西南 SW
五鬼    :    西北 NW
六煞    :    東北 NE
絕命    :    西 W

巽 Southeast, Gua 4
生氣    :    北 N
天醫    :    南 S
延年    :    東 E
伏位    :    東南 SE
禍害    :    西北 NW
五鬼    :    西南 SW
六煞    :    西 W
絕命    :    東北 NE

乾 Northwest, Gua 6
生氣    :    西 W
天醫    :    東北 NE
延年    :    西南 SW
伏位    :    西北 NW
禍害    :    東南 SE
五鬼    :    東 E
六煞    :    北 N
絕命    :    南 S

兑 West, Gua 7
生氣    :    西北 NW
天醫    :    西南 SW
延年    :    東北 NE
伏位    :    西 W
禍害    :    北 N
五鬼    :    南 S
六煞    :    東南 SE
絕命    :    東 E

艮 Northeast, Gua 8
生氣    :    西南 SW
天醫    :    西北 NW
延年    :    西 W
伏位    :    東北 NE
禍害    :    南 S
五鬼    :    北 N
六煞    :    東 E
絕命    :    東南 SE

离 South, Gua 9
生氣    :    東 E
天醫    :    東南 SE
延年    :    北 N
伏位    :    南 S
禍害    :    東北 NE
五鬼    :    西 W
六煞    :    西南 SW
絕命    :    西北 NW