4 Pillars (四柱命理)

12 Deity of Tai Sui (2020 Assessment)

A general guide (leisure reading), let’s review the areas we need to work on for 2020. Lets put in some perspective (i.e. Year Pillar is often given the heaviest weightage, follow by month; if all 4 Pillars are visited by the inauspicious deity, it largely meant you have lots of challenges and growth opportunities this year).

This is a less popular method called 12 Deity of Tai Sui (太岁). It uses Tai Sui as the leader of the year follow by the various generals and official to governs the year’s other 11 zodiac. Halfway thru’ the article you probably realise there are actually ONLY 3 auspicious deity in this method and the rest are largely Inauspicious. Tradditional (and probably), it is a way of remind the villagers to be mindful, to be kind, practice humility and keep a gratitude mind. For those prefer a robust level of analysis, you may try out 达摩一掌诀.

The 4 aspect based on the 4 Pillars (BAZI):
Year embodies externalities, government, authority, social relationship, superiors, bosses, grandparents, uncle’s, aunties, in-laws and parents.
Month encapsulate work environment, colleagues, peers, friends and siblings relationship.
Day focus on family environment, spouse relationship. It also includes self as well as personal values.
Hours deals with personal aspirations, dreams hopes and fear. Skills & Talents. It also encompasses offsprings and children relationship or matters.

注意 (Alert): The cutover point for TaiSui is always at the Start of Spring (立春), and not Chinese New Year.

Strength: Serving, Resourcefulness, Knowledge
Financial Advisors, Property Consultants, Teacher, Coach, Project Manager
Suitable work partners: Rat, Snake, Rooster

In 2020, the Zodiac is at Sickness Star (病符):Sickness deity, as the name implies, this works with sickness and accidents. Especially so when the particular pillar is being punish or clash during the month cycle. The negative impact of this deity also extend the effects to the family members not just the affected zodiac/ person. So, whatever good health habits one is adopting, make sure to advise your family members. Zodiac with this deity should also avoid funerals and hospital, in the event impossible to avoid, do it during the day, before 5pm. Beside good rest and rejuvenation, reviewing the health and personal insurance could be a good way to mitigate this risk.

Strength: Conviction, Diversification, Charisma,
HR Consultant, Pharmaceutical, Branch Manager, Insurance Sales, Legal Professions, Broadcasting,
Suitable work partners: Pig, Horse, Dog

In 2020, When the Zodiac is at Heavenly Dog (天狗):This deity is the chef of gossips, injuries and depression. When this deity is with one zodiac sign, one tends to feel tired, sleepless nights, anxiety. Bed placement then becomes an important area of concern, take note of the effects of geomagnetic influences as well as poison arrows. With insufficient rest, health issues, work mistakes or legal issues could starts appearing, and all of this drains a lot of energy from you. One should learn to protect yourself, doing things right the first time, double check the work. Rejuvenate one’s Qi by Changing to a healthy diet and start with some light exercises and rest early in the night. And, control the urge to starts engaging with gossips. As it always comes back to oneself. What you sow is what you reap.

Strength: Connecting, Flexibility
Innovator, R&D, Project Manager, Sales Manager, Editor, Designer, Architect, Accountant
Suitable work partners: Dog, Pig, Goat

In 2020, When the Zodiac is at Blessing Virtue (福德), also termed as 贵神, tradditional versed as “贵神压运事吉祥,财源广进喜又和。春不见喜秋也见,财喜双全不用说。男遇贵神天赐祥,女见贵神喜事多。” This is an auspicious deity that promotes peace and harmony in relationship and family. Suitable for joyous occasion and marriage. Also, when one Zodiac is with this deity, one’s energy tends to be more focus and intention driven. As this is an auspicious deity, one shouldn’t meddle into other people matters and create gossips. Don’t exhibit your joy and enthusiasm senselessly, as not everyone is going thru a good cycle like you. If one does that, one may begin to feel negativity around oneself instead of blessing by the deity.

Strength: Humility, Observation, Networking
Business Administrator, Manager, Banker, Doctor, Teacher, Engineer, Designer
Suitable work partners: Rooster, Monkey, Rat

In 2020, When the Zodiac is at White Tiger (白虎):This deity represent bloodshed, accident, gossip, legal dispute and affects family relationship. May result in partnership breaking up as well as betrayal. When Zodiac is with this deity, there then to be less harmonious family relationship. Temperament tends to be quick, impatient etc. The choices of words tends to cuts and affects others emotions. Follow up on current affairs and avoid travelling to location of high risk or plague by ills.

Strength: Charisma, Preservance, Observation
Sales & Marketing, Corporate Communications role, Financial Advisors, Property Consultant, Broadcasting, Journalist
Suitable work partners: Monkey, Rooster, Ox

In 2020, When Zodiac is at Dragon Virtue (龙德):Equivalent to the Nobleman Star in BAZI. This deity assist in one inspiration. This is the most auspicious deity of the year. But if one don’t do any activity, it as good as wasting the good energy of this deity. So, take calculated risk and push forth in career and businesses. Rebalance your investment portfolio, upgrade your property. Also, seek to expand ones network, create new leads and cement existing relationship. However, do take note to avoid late nights out, as your strong energy may affect those resting or with negative or yin energy. This is often the case of negligence for people bless with strong and auspicious deity.

Stength: Influencing, Decisiveness, Resourcefulness
Banker, Architect, Interior Designer, Motivational speaker/ consultant
Suitable work partners: Goat, Tiger, Dog

In 2020, When Zodiac is at Sui Po Position (岁破), 岁破 is also known as 大耗:This deity absolutely clash with TaiSui, the worst star to have for any Zodiac. Afftects all aspect of health, wealth, safety, property and spirituality. Needless to say, during this year one have to seek cultivation – 修身养性. As it would be an accidental prone year, be prudent and don’t take un-calculated risks, review insurance plan or consider a personal accident plan. Do not engage in lending, borrowing and guarantor, as the repercussions could spillover after Sui Po years. Also, avoid activating any negative annual Feng Shui, practice mediation, prayers, space cleansing on regular intervals is also recommended.

Strength: Serving, Resourcefulness, Decisiveness,
Secretary, Teacher, Coach, Project Manager, Administrator in Charitable Organisation
Suitable work partners: Horse, Pig, Rabbit

In 2020, When Zodiac is at Small Consume or Giving (小耗) Position: 小耗:Literally means, to expend, to consume or give away. What it meant is that there will minor be disruption, sickness, wealth dilution. This deity is also known as 月德为贵人 or the Nobleman star, which is a guardian deity, it protects reputation and personal safety. Seek peaceful means to resolve conflicts. This star is plotted using the BAZI day pillar or derive based on the TaiSui for the year. To receive the blessing from this deity, one needs to accumulate merits, exhibit gratitude this year. But, having this deity in your Zodiac doesn’t mean you take uncalculated risk and recklessness. One may still result in loss of wealth and property damages. Still have to sit on the side of cautious, especially with motor vehicles.

Stength: Fairness, Execution, Purpose
Military, Police, Equities Traders, Engineers, Compliance, Credit Control, Quality Assurance.
Suitable work partners: Snake, Rat, Dragon

In 2020, When Zodiac is at 5 Ghost (五鬼) Position:Unstable energy, devious and scheming people around may begin to stir trouble, affecting your emotions and reputation. Watch out for legal dispute that could affect wealth and property. Property hazard include fire, electrical. Loss of personal belongings and risk of theft. Also, avoid being guarantor when one’s Zodiac is in this deity. Nonetheless, this is not a totally bad deity, if the pillar is a Nobleman and you are gunning for progression or higher education/ exams, this deity forces you to work diligently on it; as the moment you slack off, currents will steer you back on track.

Strength: Eloquent, Negotiation
Laywer, Bankers, Relationship Managers, Surgeon, Jewellery Designer, Timepiece Technicians,
Suitable work partners: Dragon, Snake, Ox

In 2020, when Zodiac is at Tai Yin (太阴) Position:Auspicious deity, favors female. When female Zodiac is in this deity, it strengthen career, business and health. Likewise, when male Zodiac is in this deity, it prompts promiscuity, bribery, legal dispute, arguments marriage discontentment, 3rd party relationship and thefts. So, double check if you have blossom in your BAZI chart or Feng Shui that accidentally activated this aspect. Nonetheless, this aspect is not totally negative, as in contemporary context could mean wider network, marketing reach as well as social contacts. Or, generate new leads for your products and services.

Humility, Observation, Negotiation
CEO, Country Manager, Economist, Researcher, Banker, Doctor
Suitable work partners: Rabbit, Tiger, Horse

In 2020, When Zodiac is at Death Messenger (丧门) Position:Inauspicious deity that governs deceased matters (tradditional verse as 丧门: 忧思重重整一年,若没内孝有外孝,犯着丧门泪涟涟) and loss of wealth or property. Nonetheless, we need to also assess how many pillars are affected by this deity. Knowing this, we often can take steps to work toward a solution / acceptance rather than be passive about it. When Zodiac resides in this deity, often results in frustration, bottling of emotional as well as sickness (incl. physical, health and emotional). Should avoid visiting funeral and hospital, as it would trigger this negative Qi.

Strength: Clarity, Purpose
Entrepreneur, Import/ Export – Trade Fiancing roles, Civil Service, Human Resoure, Pharmaceutical, Insurance Industry
Suitable work partners: Tiger, Rabbit, Goat

In 2020, When Zodiac is at Tai Yang (太阳) Position:Auspicious deity, favors male. Tai Yang is also known as Green Dragon (青龙). When male Zodiac is in this deity, it strengthen career, family planning, new born, business and health. If there is no other major negative deity in the other 3 pillars, one can expect smooth / less turbulence year. When female Zodiac is in this deity, it prompts promiscuity, bribery, legal dispute, arguments marriage discontentment, 3rd party relationship and thefts.

Strength: Acumen, Knowledge
Business Analyst, Equities Analyst, Researcher, Judge, Lecturer, Scientist, Journalist
Suitable work partners: Ox, Monkey, Dragon

In 2020, When Zodiac is at Tai Sui (太岁) Position:Governs 1 year of prosperity and calamity. When TaiSui is in one’s Zodiac, usually causes emotional roller-coaster, rash decision making resulting in loss of wealth or property. With TaiSui also dwells sorrowful star and gossips, affects reputation. Not advisable to plan marriage, in event there is a need to; careful date selection might be necessary. In this year, it is beneficial in having more positive thoughts, deeds of gratitude and slowing down the pace.