Plotting QiMen Feng Shui

Using an example: South facing house/ apartment in period 8 residing in 2019. Using period 8, start by plotting 戊 in palace 8, then follow thru 己,庚,辛,壬,癸,丁,丙,乙.

The Facing palace will start 值符. In this case, palace 9. With that, in clockwise cycle, plot out 腾蛇,太阴,六合,勾陈/白虎,朱雀,九天,九地.

Move in/ residing in 2019 己亥 look at the 60 甲子旬 to find the lead star, which is 甲午 that will reference to 辛. In that palace look for the base star, in this case is 天芮. In 值符 palace place 天芮 and continue in clockwise cycle plot out 天柱,天心,天蓬,天任,天沖,天辅,天英.

Using the star look for the corresponding heaven stem. On that stem look for the corresponding base door and plot it with 值符 palace. In clockwise cycle plot out 景,死,惊,开,休,生,伤.

With that you would have the QiMen Feng Shui Chart for South Facing apartment/ house for assessment.

Where to take compass reading + door vs balcony as facing shall leave it to each Practitioner/ Users.