Metaphysics (易学)

Five Animal Frolics

The 5 Animal Frolics or in Mandarin known as Wu Qin Xi (五禽戏) – The Five Animal Frolics can be regarded as the earliest form of Medical Qigong in Chinese history, dating back to Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220).

The creation of Wu Qin Xi (五禽戏) was attributed the famous Chinese Physician and Surgeon Hua Tuo (110-207) who had great skills as a surgeon, acupuncturist, herbalist and knowledge of human anatomy.

Wu Qin Xi (五禽戏) is a set of Daoyin (deep stretching) and Tu Na (deep breathing) exercise that imitates the actions of animals based on the habits of the tiger, deer, bear, monkey and bird.

Founded by Hua Tuo (华陀. 145 – 208 CE) – often referred as the God of Chinese Medicine, benevelont master physician, also considered the first Chinese Surgeon.

Besides treating his patients when they were ill, Hua Tuo was also keen to recommend physical exercises for people as a method of rehabilitation, recovery, and most importantly for prevention.

Wi Qin Xi (五禽戲) based on the Tiger, Deer, Bear, Ape and Crane. It is thought that his discoveries included much more but were destroyed during the burning of his manuscript during his execution.

Hua Tuo had emphasized that regular physical exercise was key to maintaining and curing illness, as it strengthened the body, promoted circulation and improved health. His grave is found today in Xuzhou, Jiangsu and he is honored in the Huazu Temple in Peixian county. His innovations and miraculous abilities earned him the respect as the God of Chinese Medicine (神医).

Wu Qin Xi (五禽戏) is practiced by imitating symbolically and physically the movements, breathing and sounds of the five animals. It consists of some standard forms of movements, spontaneous movements and sounds, and simple but effective techniques.

The symbolic connotation of the animals can have great effects on state of mind and behaviour. The dignity and masculine power of the tiger, the elegance of the deer, the earthiness and soft strength of the bear, the graceful and free spirit of the bird and the liveliness and vigilance of the monkey, all imprint their marks on the consciousness and assist in building confidence and self-esteem.

Wu Qin Xi (五禽戏) – The Five Animal Frolics also works the Five Elements in Chinese Metaphysics. Therefore, it make sensible view to pick one of these frolics to work and replenish the element one is lacking instead of putting objects and placement.

虎戏:木 - 怒、肝、魂
猿戏:火 - 喜、心、神
熊戏:土 - 思、脾、意
鸟戏:金 - 忧、肺、魄
鹿戏:水 - 恐,肾、志

Date Selection (擇日)

Principle of Date Selection


1、破碎煞 (“红砂煞”) : “四孟月金鸡四仲蛇,四季见丑日是红砂”.  These set up are to be avoided when choosing dates related to marriage events. The crossover / cutoff point for the months is based on 24 solar terms (i.e. 大雪 for 子月 / December).



十败日 (十干无禄日),人依禄养生,一禄顶千财,禄神不能空,若空不能使用。This category of date selection pivot back to the 12 growth cycle for earth branch, where 临官 is refer to as 禄神.

3、杨公忌日 ( 杨公十三忌 ),unofficial off days for Feng Shui practitioner. Whether it a folklore or a traddition, it is said that for this 13 days, practitioner are not suppose to use their LuoPan.


4、日时不可三煞年命, using San He combination, the date selection cannot form a 3 killing force against the user year of birth.

People born in year of Pig, Rat, Ox should not use Tiger, Horse, Dog day/ hour.

People born in year of Rooster, Monkey, Dog should not use Pig, Rabbit, Goat day/ hour.

People born in year of Snake, Horse, Goat should not use Monkey, Rat, Dragon day/ hour.

People born in year of Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon should not use Snake, Rooster, Ox day/ hour.

5、日时不可冲事主的年命, the date selection should not clash the person’s year of birth.

子午 冲
丑未 冲
寅申 冲
卯酉 冲
辰戌 冲
巳亥 冲















During Spring season, auspicious to use wood classification instead of earth.
During Summer season, auspicious to use fire classification instead of metal.
During Autumn season, auspicious to use metal classification instead of wood.
During Winter season, auspicious to use water classification instead of fire.

Date Selection (擇日)

The 28 Constellations

The Horn 角 Auspicious
To whomsoever builds on this day, this constellation will bring glory and prosperity, and men of letters will be able to approach near to the throne of the Emperor.
Marriages on this day will result in numerous posterity.
But to repair a tomb or go to a funeral may provoke a new grief.
Associated with the Wood planet (Jupiter) and with favorable winds and rains, as well as agriculture and horticulture. Ideal day to buy land.
Presides over marriage, birth, and growth.

The Neck 亢 Inauspicious
Do not build on this day; let the eldest not take the succession; let nothing be undertaken for in the ten following days a disaster will occur.
Funerals and marriages will cause untimely death and will risk leaving widows in the house.
Associated with the Water planet (Mercury), weather extremes, and the chemical industry.
Presides over judgments and punishments.

The Root 氐 Inauspicious
To build on this day will be inauspicious enough, and the celebration of marriages will bring endless calamities.
Journeys by boat will be shipwrecked.
Funerals will cause the impoverishment of descendants.
Associated with the Earth planet (Saturn), and strong rains and winds, as well as the aviation and patent-medicine industries.
Presides over proper actions.

The Chamber 房 Auspicious
To build today assures wealth and abundant prosperity.
Spirits of Happiness, of Longevity, of Honour, of Riches and of Glory hasten to meet you.
If funerals are celebrated today, officials will be promoted three ranks.
Associated with Sun, heat, and interior decorators.
Presides over building interiors.

The Heart 心 Inauspicious
To build today will be most inauspicious and everything will lead to ruin sooner or later.
Similarly burials and marriages will be seen to be disastrous and will assure three years of repeated calamities.
Associated with Moon and heads of state.
Presides over imperial power.

The Tail 尾 Auspicious
To build today is to be assured of blessings and a numerous progeny.
To undertake any business matter or to flood a paddy field will assure prosperity to descendants.
Funerals and marriages will lead to the ennoblement of the family and the obtaining of posts in the Capital.
Associated with the Fire planet (Mars) and the heir apparent of a family.
Presides over boats, dams, legacies, mothers, and children.

The Basket 箕 Auspicious
To build today gives an assurance of power, and the beginning of any enterprise will assure the family the greatest good fortune.
Marriages and the repairing of tombs will be beneficent; coffers will overflow with gold and silver and the granaries with grain.
Associated with the Water planet (Mercury) and prosperity in general.
Presides over new projects and burials.

The Ladle 斗 Auspicious
To build today assures a supreme abundance of wealth.
To put a tomb in order or to celebrate a funeral will assure descendants of prosperity.
To open an establishment or to flood a paddy field will assure the multiplication of livestock.
A marriage will be guaranteed happiness upon happiness.
Associated with the Wood planet (Jupiter), rains and floods, rewards, and businesses that involve oil or wine.
Presides over building and digging.

The Buffalo 牛 Inauspicious
To build today will assure nothing but danger and calamities.
Paddy fields and silkworms will bring no profit to the unhappy master.
A marriage or the opening of a business will behold a sea of troubles, and livestock will suffer from it.
Associated with the Metal planet (Venus) and the real-estate business.
Presides over roads, paths, and land.

The Woman 女 Inauspicious
To build today will be very damaging to the charm of pretty women and make brothers quarrel among themselves like wolves and tigers.
Burials and marriages will cause luck to disappear and oblige the family to emigrate.
Associated with the Earth planet (Saturn) and the weaving industry.
Presides over property and dowry.

The Void 虛 Inauspicious
To build today will be calamitous.
Boys and girls will sleep uncherished.
A wind of debauchery will blow through the family from a lack of rites; and the wives of sons and grandsons will sleep in other beds.
Associated with the Sun, rains, and cold, undertakers, and frozen foods.
Presides over cemeteries.

The Roof 危 Inauspicious
Today nothing large should be built, and burial or the repairing of tombs will provoke effusions of blood.
To open a business or to irrigate a paddy field will cause continual unhappiness and law suits.
Associated with the Moon and the building industry.
Presides over fortification.

The House 室 Auspicious
To build today will bring an increase in land and livestock.
Sons and grandsons will enjoy glorious careers.
All enterprises will bring riches and prosperity in the dwelling.
Marriages and funerals will take away care for ever.
Associated with the Fire planet (Mars) and religious orders.
Presides over physical work in general.

The Wall 壁 Auspicious
To build today will bring great prosperity; marriages will bring only peace and joy.
Funerals will assure wealth and prosperous descendants.
To start an enterprise or to irrigate a paddy field will assure progeny.
Associated with the Water planet (Mercury), literature, and the arts.
Presides over marriages and expansions.

The Legs 奎 Inauspicious
To build today will be very auspicious, Harmony and Prosperity will blow through the door of the family home.
But a burial today will produce a mysterious death, and to do business or flood a paddy field will only attract calamities.
Associated with the Wood planet (Jupiter), cold weather, textiles, and shoes.
Presides over clothing, canals, and armaments.

The Tie 婁 Auspicious
To build columns today is equivalent to building up to the gate of Heaven; the family will see its riches increase and everything will prosper.
Today’s marriages will be fruitful, and descendants will gain honours and social promotion.
Associated with the Metal planet (Venus), wt and mildly cool weather, and the pharmacy business.
Presides over symphonic music and festivities.

The Stomach 胃 Auspicious
To whomsoever builds this day everything comes like a wind blowing riches and precious glory,
and innumerable joys will be theirs.
Funerals will assure social promotion and marriages will see the flourishing of complete harmony.
Associated with the Earth planet (Saturn), floods, and the banking industry.
Presides over marriages, burials, investments, and earthworks.

The Lights 昴 Inauspicious
To build today would be like letting a buffalo into the paddy field.
Funerals will bring incessant worry.
To begin anything will surely lead to calamities, and marriages will only engender misery.
Associated with the Sun and the legal profession.
Presides over judgments.

The Thread 畢 Auspicious
Light will shine on him who builds.
Paddy growing and worm breeding will know years of abundance.
Luck and blessings will flow to your door.
Marriages and funerals will procure a doubled longevity.
Associated with the Moon, rains, and the military.
Presides over marriages and hunting.

The Turtle 觜 Inauspicious
To build today will invite a lawsuit.
Celebrate a funeral and before long the house will collapse; at least three deaths will follow, and reserves of provisions will dwindle away.
Associated with the Fire planet (Mars) and animal breeding.
Presides over flocks and herds as well as the afflicted.

The Three Associates 參 Auspicious
To build today will bring ample prosperity.
The star of the lettered person will bring light.
Irrigation of the paddy field and business will be under happy auspices.
But funerals and marriages will shatter the family.
Associated with the Water planet (Mercury) and authorship.
Presides over labor.

The Well 井 Auspicious
To build today will bring prosperity to paddy fields and silkworm breeding.
The family name will be the first on the golden list.
In the case of funerals, take extra care if the deceased has died a violent death.
Every enterprise will bring money and numerous inheritors.
Associated with the Water planet (Mercury), rains, the civil service, and veterinary surgery.
Presides over widows and examinations.

The Spirit 鬼 Inauspicious
Under this inauspicious star, building will cause disappearances and the threshold will no longer have a master.
The celebration of funerals will procure advancement but a marriage will see a woman lonely in the nuptial chamber.
Associated with the Metal planet (Venus).
Presides over respect for the dead.

The Willow 柳 Inauspicious
To build today will lead to trouble in the courts; and disasters and thieves will put the house in danger.
Funerals and marriages will be the prelude to a series of miseries.
Associated with the Earth planet (Saturn).
(No “presides over” listed)

The Star 星 Inauspicious
This day is good for building houses, and prosperity and advancement will lead to the feet of the Emperor.
But to celebrate a funeral or to proceed with irrigation will cause the wife to abandon her hearth and look for another man.
Associated with the Sun, heat, and the garment business.
Presides over bridges and dyestuffs.

The Fishing Net 張 Auspicious
On this day if a pavilion is built all descendants who are officials will approach the Emperor.
To celebrate funerals and to flood the paddy fields will attract money and riches.
Marriages will be the cause of unending harmony and happiness.
Associated with the Moon, and the business of the theater.
Presides over festivities and entertainment.

The Wings 翼 Inauspicious
Construction of a high building should be avoided, for this will cause the death of successive masters of the house.
Marriages and funerals will not bring prosperity.
Young girls will run after boys away from home.
Associated with Fire planet (Mars) and politics.
Presides over ceremonial rites.

The Chariot 轸 Auspicious
To build under these auspices will attract promotion.
A marriage will receive the Emperor’s blessing.
To celebrate funerals will make bright the star of the lettered person.
Prosperity will equal a cairn of gold and a mountain of jade.
Associated with the Water planet (Mercury) and wind and storms.
Presides over travel, speed, marriage, digging, and construction.
Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水), QMDJ (奇門遁甲)

Plotting QiMen Feng Shui

Using an example: South facing house/ apartment in period 8 residing in 2019. Using period 8, start by plotting 戊 in palace 8, then follow thru 己,庚,辛,壬,癸,丁,丙,乙.

The Facing palace will start 值符. In this case, palace 9. With that, in clockwise cycle, plot out 腾蛇,太阴,六合,勾陈/白虎,朱雀,九天,九地.

Move in/ residing in 2019 己亥 look at the 60 甲子旬 to find the lead star, which is 甲午 that will reference to 辛. In that palace look for the base star, in this case is 天芮. In 值符 palace place 天芮 and continue in clockwise cycle plot out 天柱,天心,天蓬,天任,天沖,天辅,天英.

Using the star look for the corresponding heaven stem. On that stem look for the corresponding base door and plot it with 值符 palace. In clockwise cycle plot out 景,死,惊,开,休,生,伤.

With that you would have the QiMen Feng Shui Chart for South Facing apartment/ house for assessment.

Where to take compass reading + door vs balcony as facing shall leave it to each Practitioner/ Users.

Metaphysics (易学)

连山, 归藏, 周易



Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

8 Mansion Feng Shui: Life Gua vs Sitting vs Door

一、 年命起伏位

二、 坐山起伏法

三、 門上起伏法

就是看大门所开的位置的吉凶如何,东西不相混。东四宅,就是开大门要东四宫,西四宅大门要在西四宫。其实话说回来,这个事情,认真想一下,和大门起伏位一回事,因为主和门同在于东四宫,肯定都是吉利的,不论以坐为伏位看门,还是从门起伏位看主房,吉凶不会有变化。例,坎宅开震门,坎宅为主起伏位,震大门在吉方,而从大门震起伏位为观察点看,则与坎主配合也是吉利的。比如一个地方,地势已经决定,房子该坐何向,而这个“主”就确定了,坐坎就是坎宅,坐离就是离宅,再从主房起伏位,不管有没有院子,都可以由主房坐山来判定大门开何位置为吉,何处为凶。这个是造作的基本的操作 程序,根据环境,先定主房坐向,再定大门、主卧床位等,而判定一个房屋或者院落吉凶的时候,就根据高房在何卦位,就是什么宅,起伏位后,再根据外环境山水、邻居的房屋高低宫位来断定本宅的得失吉凶。这就是坐山为主的意义所在。


至于人命宫起伏位 又有何用呢?
这个其实不用说也知道,就是论的风水的特异性,人这个因素,是灵魂所在,没有人住,空房子谈吉凶就无意义,吉凶都是对人的。前面已经说到大门和坐山起伏位一回事, 人命宫起伏位论风水吉凶最终还是一回事,是一路下来非常统一的思想。东四宅要东四命住,西四宅西四命住,已经是很明白的一个主题思想,不论强调以何为主的,都也强调命要相配,看起来似乎《八宅明镜》一切都是以人为主,而不管门上坐上,《阳宅三要》只说门主灶,不说命主,说到最后,还是一句话,因为东四宅的吉利宫位必定大门也在东四开,命宫属于是东四命的,才能与房屋大门配合全部吉利;而西四宅的主和门,只有和西四命能合得上。说来说去,只不过古人观察点、侧重点有所不同而已,实质的吉凶,最后都是一样的。
4 Pillars (四柱命理), QMDJ (奇門遁甲)


月令(金)- 酉月
門宮旺衰:金旺, 水相, 土休, 火囚, 木死
月令比門宮 – 門宮旺
月令生門宮 – 門宮相
門宮生月令 – 門宮休
門宮克月令 – 門宮囚
月令克門宮 – 門宮死

月令(金)- 酉月
九星旺衰:金相, 水旺, 土廢, 火囚, 木休
比助為相(星比宮,星相)- 比助相
我生為旺(星生宮,星旺)- 子孫旺
生我為廢(宮生星,星廢)- 父母廢
克我為囚(宮克星,星囚)- 官鬼囚
我克為休(星克宮,星休)- 妻財休