Understanding Chai Bu method of Qi Men (拆補)

24 節氣表

拆補 (ChaiBu) also know as the Removal and Replacement Method of Qi Men Dun Jia in the Western Textbook. This is somewhat a newer system in the Qi Men calendaring system. It is not necessarily more convenient and easier to understand or calculate (although a lot of Apps on mobile devices uses this).

Practitioner and Consultant of the past argue the incongruence of 值潤 (ZhiRun). Hence, this is probability how the development of 拆補 (ChaiBu) system came about.

Practitioner and Consultant adopted the use of this calendar system because of its strict adherence to the 24 seasons (節氣). A relatively more discipline approach towards the allocation of the Yin and Yang Structures. Because of this, the 拆補 (ChaiBu) system seemingly works better with Divination side of QMDJ while 值潤 (ZhiRun) runs better with Art of War (AOW) application.

The first principle, in 拆補 (ChaiBu) system is to accord the Qi Men Structure/ Chart in accordance with the 24 Solar Seasons. This system dictates that if a day enters into a certain Season, one can utilise the Qi Men Structure / Chart of that particular Season.

There is no need for references to Ascending or Descending Qi. It will also simultaneously follow the second principle, which is the Stems and Branches system:

• If the first day branch is Zi 子, Wu 午, Mao 卯, or You 酉, it will use the Upper Yuan Structure,上元.
• If the first day branch is Yin 寅, Shen 申, Si 巳 or Hai 亥, it will use the Middle Yuan Structure,中元.
• If the first day branch is Chen 辰, Xu 戌, Chou 丑 or Wei 未, it will use the Lower Yuan Structure,下元.