5 Element and Industry

Fire industry
Upcoming period 9. Computer sciences and technology related industries, internet security, cryptocurrency, blockchain, social media, electronics and mobile communications. Beautician, aromatherapy, plastic, cafe, cooking, energy, firework, food processing, gas or oil company, petroleum, chemistry, therma, multimedia, printing, liquor, laser, lighting, movie production, photography, semi-conductor and anything that utilises light or heat, or uses objects to create light or heat.

Metal industry
Financial, banks, insurance, credit companies, gold, machining, mining, car maker, key, hardware, glass, compliance, accountancy, surveillance, auditor, military, police, security, debt collector, pawn shop, engineering, moulding, hardware shops, mechanical engineering, hardware stalls, metal, military, army personnel, work that depends on metal or related to financial accounting.

Wood industry
Carpentry, florist, plantation, greeneries, landscaping, paper, timber, wood furniture, textile, stationery, cultural publications, writer, civil servant, health care products, nurse, doctor, medicine, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and renewables. Library, arts, teaching, lecturing, fabric, curtains, cloth, bookshop, gardening, office supplies.

Water industry
Marine, Naval seal, spa, fire fighting, aquarium, cold beverages, alcohol and wine. Cleaning companies, water purification, sailing, yacht, ice cream, fruits, air-conditioning, travelling, tourist industry, coach buses, transportation, trains, railway, anything business relating to water or need water to produce, sales personnel, tactical planner.

Earth industry – Relates to period 8. Real estate and property related, architecture, building, construction, farming, pet shop, storage & warehousing, pawn shop, antiques, astrology, building materials, renovator, ceramics, demolition, marble, pottery, real estate agent, landfill, reclaim land, recycle, sculpture, stone masonry, and any job that involves earth, soil, land, or rock and mining.