4 Pillars (四柱命理)

Shen sha stars in my natal chart (FiveArts)


Looking at the month pillar is where you are in current stage of your life. And this pillar is at a 冠带 which means these symptoms in your life is quite strong or in fact being nurtured.

There is a Goat Blade Sha, which indicates Wounds, as it is a strong and bravery resistance star, it also could mean rebellious. Personality wise is rather Impatient, emotional and love life entangle, intensive, dare to do dare to admit, which can be both good and bad. Normally, appropriate work will be military ,uniform staff such as police, security, medical professional. A competitive nature star.

We move on to Imperial canopy. This mean uniquely full of ideas, talent and skills in art, music, smart, can move into philosophy, metaphysics and religion. Depending on the rest of the pillar, the knowledge and psychic nature could be further nurture. Have the CAN DO SPIRIT, Life can live up to its highest potential to reach the goal. But could end up lonely.

With this as friend star. Much of your achievement and limelight would likely be snatch or stolen.

On Heaven Dog, This is Star of criminal, injury and risk taking. Pair with goat blade, this normally meant turbulence in young adult years. The injury could leave scaring. injury prone, disfigured.

Widow Lodge is an ingredient for solitary life, a characteristic of loneliness. This star is not good for relationship between siblings and relatives. In this pillar, beside sibling, it can be extended to family, parents and work environment. It also indicates that communication is harsh and at the giving end.

Look at the NaYin. Your day and month NaYin attack your year. It could relate to parents giving in to you or you are not in good terms with your parents. It could also relate to your conflict with society in general.

If involved with bad habits, addiction, 3 party relationship or any other form of vice. It necessarily to reduce it before 2021. That ox year is unkind to your chart as well as love life (family).