Xuan Kong Liu Fa (玄空六法)

Xuan Kong (玄空) – By the time practitioner dwells into Xuan Kong Liu Fa (玄空六法) would have been well verse what is Xuan Kong. This factor basically means where is your Taiji (太極);man as the focal point (人為立極,無人無太極).

Ci Xiong (雌雄) – Essentially means deciphering the environment Yin from Yang, motion from stillness (雌雄、陰陽、動靜).

Jin Long (金龙) – The period by which the property is in. Is the period dragon in power or not.

Ai Xing (挨星) – The Gua Qi (卦氣) by which the property can make use of. This factor along with Jin Long (金龙) and make or break the household. Whether the property is in period and receiving good Qi (氣). I use receiving instead of riding because in Qi (氣) Yang House receive Yin House ride. In layman application, the practitioner after deciding where the main period is, the practitioner would choose a facing 9、8、7、6 for the current period 9.

Cheng Men (城门) – Where to place the main door. This factor is rather subjective. Many authors in chinese books focus on opening door at 1、2、3、4 which are the water sector (零神). I personally make use of Ai Xing (挨星) concept to get the door in the direction of receiving good Qi (氣).

Tai Sui (太岁) – This fundamentally reclassified the 24 Mountain into 12 sectors for annual affliction analysis.

In summary, this is Xuan Kong Liu Fa (玄空六法) in a nutshell. Nothing mystical about it. It is basically an approach to understand Qi (氣) application. If practitioner is using this methodology, make sure the concept of Jin Long (金龙) and Ai Xing (挨星) is sufficiently grasp.

Jade (Jadeite & Nephrite)


Nephrite, the more common type of jade, reflected jade meaning in Greek based on the Greek word nephros which translates to kidney. When the Spanish took over the New World they named the green stones Piedra de hijada which translates to “Stone of the loin” or “Stone of the flank” in keeping with jade meaning.

Jadeite, the more rare and expensive type of jade, has a slightly different meaning than the more common nephrite jade. Jadeite jade meaning has to do with health, longevity and love. Wearing, holding and meditating with jadeite jade improves health problems that stem from illness or accidents. Jade also helps people live longer. Jadeite is reputed to open one’s heart to love when worn in jewelry.

Jade is not always the blue-green or light green mineral rock that many people think of when they say something is the color of jade. While jade meaning is rooted in calm wisdom, healing and protection, each jade color carries a slightly different jade meaning and power.

Black jade meaning represents the gemstone’s particular ability to protect by warding off negative physical or psychological assault, especially the negative energies associated with self-defeat.

Blue jade meaning is about calm, inner peace and reflection. It is very useful for encouraging dreams and visions. The mind is calmed with blue jade.

Brown jade meaning has to do with staying well-grounded. The use of brown jade strengthens a connection with the earth while imparting comfort and a sense of reliability.

Lavender jade meaning has to do with spiritual support. It heals emotional pain while nourishing spiritually. Lavender jade vibrates at the highest ethereal level.

Orange jade meaning is all about the joy that can be achieved through connections with all living beings. Lavender jade energy provides quiet stimulation of the mind.

Purple jade meaning is focused on the aura. Happiness and mirth are brought about with purple jade while it eliminates negativity and supports a higher level of discernment.

Red jade meaning has to do with the life force. Use of red jade reduces fears while it encourages action and strengthens the life-force energy.

White jade meaning has to do with better focus. The use of white jade reduces distractions to allow for a better grasp on helpful, relevant information. It improves the decision-making process.

Yellow jade meaning is all about a cheerful, energetic way of being. Use of yellow jade enhances assimilation and discrimination.

太歲 (奏书、博士、力士、蚕室)

年 支:子 丑 寅 卯 辰 巳 午 未 申 酉 戌 亥
奏 书:乾 乾 艮 艮 艮 巽 巽 巽 坤 坤 坤 乾
博 士:巽 巽 坤 坤 坤 乾 乾 乾 艮 艮 艮 巽
力 士:艮 艮 巽 巽 巽 坤 坤 坤 乾 乾 乾 艮
蚕 室:坤 坤 乾 乾 乾 艮 艮 艮 巽 巽 巽 坤





流 (年) 財方

丑酉戌亥年: 未申
子巳午未年: 戌乾 (亥)
寅辰卯申年: 子丑


顺布于罗盘地盘 12 地支上(子、丑、寅、卯、辰、巳、午、未、申、酉、戌、亥);危,开所到之方若刚好是流财轮值之方,该方即是该年有效流财方,催之才会有力。