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Gen Yin in month and career field – advice needed (FiveArts)


食 伤 日 食
辛 庚 己 辛
酉 寅 未 未

大运 (Luck Cycle)
辛卯 壬辰 癸巳 甲午 乙未 丙申 丁酉 戊戌
08岁 18岁 28岁 38岁 48岁 58岁 68岁 78岁

日元, 土 (Earth) Neutral/ Strong (23)
食伤, 金 (Metal) Strong (40)
财星, 水 (Water) NIL
官杀, 木 (Wood) Weak (8)
枭印, 火 (Fire) Weak (9)

己 Earth belongs to yin earth. A female, motherly figure comes to mind. Dependable, Lively, Kindhearted and Optimistic, great with kids. Always nurturing. Yin Earth’s thoughtful persona, generous and forgiving makes you well-liked and socially accepted. In a team, you are reliable, intelligent, productive and open to ideas. Quick witted, good memory and strong will makes yin earth a quiet leader. Key word about yin earth is Resourcefulness.

But you can be very bias. Yin earth is extremely doting towards allies. Judging against opponents. Because, it is yin earth (yin represent moon and intuition), naturally when you use more of your intuition, you have an inner ability to be a good judge of character. Its a talent given by the divine to yin earth people.

Like all earth element, you are good at guiding others. Yin earth absorb, so it given that you can easily gain new skills, capable of self-restraint. And, liked and trusted by most people.

In your early years (辛卯 Luck cycle), some sense of playfulness, stubborn and going against the norm. with metal clashing wood. The harder your folks breathe down on u, the harder you bound back. Nonetheless, you manage to get thru your study years. Rooster in the year has a metal heaven stem, coincidentally this is your scholarly star in bazi, supported by strong metal. Since your output star is strong. it likely your result should be quite good. The should be accident between 8 to 17 years of age. Accidents involving limps such as fractures, sprains.

Next is (壬辰 Luck cycle), this time, with water and earth, it likely you became much stubborn. The dragon earth, comes with Wu Earth (Yang Earth), a competitive hat, you are wearing, maybe. Water is actually a wealth star. If you have capitalized in that decade, you probably have gain much savings and investments, or even started a company/ business. This should be the best 10 years of your career.

In the current cycle of 癸巳, is also wealth but more of indirect wealth. Doing things more leisurely, or in a more unconventional approach to work, seeking balance. Which you have mentioned is about doing freelance role. Which is to free up time for your family as well as other spiritual growth. The 2 yin fire is not strong in the early years of your life. In this cycle snake fire triggers this 2 yin fire. Snake fire is yang, which related to the motherly side of you. Also to add, snake is your travelling star, naturally in this cycle of luck either you have intention to travel more or want to travel for career progress. And, fire is your resource. Its likely you want to travel for ideas and inspiration.

Correct me if incorrect, if married early, its likely 1999, 2004 (or just a relationship), if later would be in 2010/ 2011/ 2012.

辛未 – July, this is the month that may trigger some form of stomach, gastric form of ailments. Taking some probiotics and drinking more fluid will help.
壬申 – August, with yang water, you could expect some additional work, task or jobs. Lets say, if you are looking for career in the corporate setting, make use of this month and the next to dish out your CV. This month has a noble man star, so capitalize on it, for career and network.
癸酉 – Sep
甲戌 – Oct, beside health this month may trigger some misunderstanding with spouse. It may not even be your mistake. It just so happen, like wrong place wrong time wrong emotion. Try to mediate a bit more this month. harness and ground your own energy.
乙亥 – Nov, Yin wood is like a boyfriend star or a male companionship. someone may come into your life or share some interest / connection with you.
丙子 – Dec, this is basically a time for family and time with kids. because of the sun in the winter sky. represent warm. If trying for kids, this is a good month. because the month fills the emptiness in your hour pillar.
丁丑 – Jan (2020), stars and new ideas will form. you may be re-looking at stuff or new ideas. however, there is a clash. to your health and spouse pillar, so do note of risk as well as relationship or misunderstanding.

Broadly speaking, the main concern would be 乙未 (48 year old luck cycle). The 3 goat is a form of punishment and it relates to health and family palace. A health check prior to this year is vital. As well as rekindle the flames with your spouse and child maybe necessary if you are busy with career, business and work. At this cycle, you may not have time for spiritual work, you feel your intuition missing in your life and possible 3rd party relationship coming in.

For 2020 and 2021, there is also certain combination Rat + Goat and Ox + Goat, this 2 indicate disruption in your health, accident and probably could extend to family and spouse relationship, since it is in the day and hour pillar. In astrology bazi context, we call it a clash with the grand duke. A more scientific way to deal with it is to delay decision making, assess the risk vs reward before committing. Getting a insurance while traveling could mitigate such risk in 2021. Nonetheless, if reasonable a well rounded plan is preferred. Other way, you could overcome is thru’ date selection, feng shui or increase your chakra/ energy field.

If you ask me, the best luck cycle of your is during water. It will finish off at 37. Although there are 4 water in bazi astrology, only 壬 (ren) , 癸 (gui) can be use. Rat and Pig cannot be use, this is in view of the natal bazi structure of your chart. You may look back over the years to valid this point, and also validate if this year is smooth for you (2019, pig). Why water is need in your chart is because, the chart metal is overly strong, it deplete you. What this means is over the long run, health and quality of life tends to stretch, perhaps suffers, feeling drained or burnout.

Answering your question: Yin (Tiger) monthly pillar is weak. at least 50% below par. what this means is any year such as monkey, rooster, goat, dog, ox will disrupt its peace. Translate in reality is career disruption and disagreement / argument with spouse, spouse easily misunderstood you or unable to meet your demands/ request or spouse does come home frequently or stay out. There are many reasons. In Simple terms. Spouse pillar is weak. Relative you vs spouse. Spouse may feel you are bossy. In the work environment, it could be the same feeling. Not colleagues/ team, sometimes, the bosses may feel you overstep their authority or comfort zone.

Tired of responsibility, is largely due to excessive metal, weakening you. Many things on the mind, can’t handle all. and, stress out. At stress level, self doesn’t have support of fire (resource), that why went into hermit mode. Hermit mode is nothing bad, in tarot, hermit take time to self reflect, grew in wisdom. As a earth person, we often went into that mode. For you wet earth, it would be soil. For me yang earth, it prob be in the mountain.

Executive jobs definitely more stability. it does not mitigate your tiger energy.

Even if you go into another different industry (not forgetting your good cycle coming to an end, so make full use to land yourself in a good industry) and make it; You should keep to your journalism flair, keep writing, keep intuitive, keep the connection alive. You have a good Geng + Xin metal. which relates to chivalrous and witty gift of expression. Keep writing to bring justice and touch the lives of the less privileged. It maybe a sentence to you, but could change the world view of many. Journalism, could be your talent, just that you need a break now to breakthrough yourselves (as the hermit does in tarot).

Generally, in basic feng shui, we have the personal direction, as follows. This are your basic auspicious direction / sectors. But, for 2019, only NW and W; you can use. How do you use? being in the area and doing your activity is suffice. If you have a sphere crystal, plant, or fish tank. You can place it in your house. I didn’t see the actual feng shui of your house. these are general guide based on your life gua to help you enhance your personal energy.
Life Generating : SW (Do not use in 2019)
Heavenly Doctor : NW (Sphere crystal, plants, workout, rest, meditate, prayers)
Longevity : W (Sphere crystal, fish tank, workout, rest, meditate, prayers)
Stability : NE (Do not use in 2019)

For colors, you may consider dress with slight hint / hue of blue, green, or even yellow and orange. Of cos, depends on season and fashion. If you agree that colors are part of light, light is energy and affects emotions. Then, actually there is nothing wrong in using colors in feng shui to enhance one’s aura and energy. Nonetheless, house wall color should not use blue.

For accessories, I wrote about Larimar’s Lure some time back. Larimar cools tempers and calms fears, relieves stress and nurtures the physical and emotional bodies. It is powerful in meditation and in connecting to the Divine Feminine, and is particularly helpful in releasing emotional bonds. Larimar resonate with the Throat Chakra, using Larimar in a pendant or laying-on-of-stones treatment will unleash the voice of one’s deepest wisdom. Singers may also find Larimar a wonderful talisman for enhancing and protecting the voice. This stone may be useful for you. You may want to read up on it.

Another suggestion would be Aventurine is a form of quartz, characterized by its translucency and give a shimmering or glistening. Commonly in color of green (some are in orange / yellow). Or, if Jade is common in your country. It helps with the heart chakra.

In both suggestion, its helping with the fire and wood aspect in bazi (throat = snake fire, heart = wu fire); and the color green resonate wood. There are several ways or approach, I can’t list all down. If you have something in your mind, just say it. It maybe an approach i’ve yet explore…

Dear Jovan @j27945 , thank you very much for your thoughtful and detailed reply! You made me better understand my Daymaster!

So interesting. Even without knowing about Chinese metaphisics I bought Aventurine pendant and it felt well wearing it :). I have my winows looking N, NE and NW, Mountains and again it feels quite well refreshing and inspiring. When I started reading about fengshui I found out that there is much I do as written in books even without knowing it.

Thank you! Yes, we started dating in the end of 1999, so you are accurate!