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Does crystal, jade & gems help in destiny or feng shui?

Does crystal, jade & gems help in destiny or feng shui? Perhaps, improves destiny or for the matter, spiritual growth?

You would agree if I say that colours is part of light, and that light is energy – which affect our moods, feelings and emotions. And that moods, feelings and emotions can be habitual in nature. A recurring habit in shorter span of time, we can call it a set of behaviour. When a particular set of behaviour is activated time and again over a longer period of time, you would agree that this becomes a character that makes up personality.

When a person wears a jade, gems or even a crystal placement in the house or on his or her desk, the person would have notice the aesthetic aspect of it, which is basically light aspect of energy.

Then by relating this piece of jade, gem or crystal to a particular chakra point in the body (i.e. Green Jade Chakras relates to Heart Chakra, White Jade relates to Crown Chakras and Yellow Jade relates to Solar Plexus Chakras), or to the 5 elements in chinese metaphysics, you would have trigger awareness to that particular area of the body for healing, activation, enhancement and meditation.

Where awareness goes, energy flows. Changing the subconscious mind require repetition. Repeating this habit, the user of the crystal, jade and gemstone would likely build a positive habit, thus changing behaviour and character in the progress.

This comes under the umbrella of positive change. For some, believing that its the positive effect of Feng Shui.