4 Pillars (四柱命理), Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

Please Help!! Bad Luck Bombs Ever Since Start of 2019 (FiveArts)


Feel like on the path towards nervous breakdown or schizophrenia.

Snake fire is emptiness in the bazi. So there is no actual form. This year Pig clash with month snake, meaning not in harmony in the house as well as external environment and public. The chart is also filled with damp water.

Snake represent his house. The quality of the house, external landform, water, sunlight, Facing and sitting also play a part in his overall well being. As for agarwood. The scent is a yang scent, the practitioner could have place it for his benefits, need to burn for the effects. Beside agarwood, the use of sage to smudge, placing of salt and rice are good space cleansing materials.

The bazi calculator there got auspicious bazhai direction. He can use some crystal such as Jadeite, aventurine, selenite, fire agate, tiger eye to enhance the 3 auspicious sector in his house and his room. Big taiji and small taiji.

The use of sound such as Singing bowl or playing music and sutra also helps with the overall environment internally.

For taking in of Qi. He need to open up windows at NE, NW, West and South. This will help in his overall house NaQi and Feng Shui.

Also need to check if he has a altar. If yes, is the altar taking on the negative stars or direction in terms of FengShui in the house. Or is there any negative arrows or killing point directed at his house and altar. The effect of altar is quite fast, which is why I asked.