Metaphysics (易学)

Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood comes from the Greek root petro, which means rock or stone, with literal meaning ‘wood turned into stone’. In layman terms, a fossil.

The petrifaction process happens underground, when wood starts to get covered by sediments. It’s preserved at first due to lack of oxygen.

Mineral-rich water that’s flowing through the sediments deposits minerals in the tree’s cells. As the tree’s lignin and cellulose start to decay, a stone begins to form.

Wood takes approximately a hundred years to petrify.

Organic material needs to become petrified first before it completely decomposes.

Elements in the soil or earth such as copper, iron, and manganese in the mud or water during the process of petrifaction give Petrified Wood its various colors, tones and hues.

Petrified Wood connects to your root and third eye chakras, one will experience an increased sense of awareness and determination.

Petrified Wood strengthen one’s the core, both in a physical and metaphysical sense. It will also promote discipline and self-will. It is also effective in removing the obstacles in one’s life and break down the barrier to achieve one’s goal.

During a meditation session with Petrified Wood, it helps to bring our spirit back to the time when it was still nurtured by nature. A sense of connectness with mother nature and the environment. Remind us to respect nature and take care of it in our own little way. And to live simply and in harmony with the spirit of nature and the energies of the earth. Some even give off a ‘woody’ and calming fragrance.