3 WU SHEN (Earth Monkey in DM+Year+ 10 Luck) BIG CLASH with Month (FiveArts)


And in 2028, it likely get worst as the ratio becomes 4 vs 1.

Liver, Gall Bladder, Head. Joints, Veins, Eye, Nervous System, Limbs and Hair Loss. It also associate with anger and spirit/soul vulnerability. Setting up for depression.

Take note of this aspect and cover adequately if you have insurance plan. Avoid risky travel during that particular year. Embrace positive intent as the mind is a record of the past, the negative cycle will repeat if you tell your mind enough times.

Fire though missing in the chart is not useful on one hand as it strengthen metal and weaken wood further, water is preferred. Water relates to wisdom practice and a root for wood.

The element of water relates to sacral chakra, When the sacral chakra is blocked, it can affect your hips, kidneys, pelvis, sexual organs, and lower back. induce fear of financial security, acceptance, abandonments, social status, and creativity.