Metaphysics (易学)

The Cone of Power

Traditionally, the cone of power is a method of raising and directing energy by a group. Essentially, the people involved stand in a circle to form the base of the cone. In some rituals, they may connect to each other physically by holding hands, or they may simply visualize energy flowing between the members of the group. As energy is raised–whether by chanting, singing, or other methods–a cone forms above the group, and eventually reaches its apex above. In many magical systems, it is believed that this energy continues on past the point at the top of the cone, traveling out infinitely into the universe.

Once the cone of power, or energy, is completely formed, that energy is then sent out en masse, directed towards whatever magical purpose is being worked on. Whether it’s healing magic, protection, or whatever, the group typically releases all of the energy in unison.