100 QMDJ Cases (FiveArts)


Thanks for the response, and sorry for my late reply. After our last correspondence, I got hospitalized and a whirlwind of events occurred so I haven’t logged on for a bit. Turns out that this was the right call as I would have to suffer very high healthcare costs if I had quit my job. Makes sense that I should have been able to look at my Bazi/ZWDS to figure this out, and good advice that I don’t need a career break to reflect, but it’s really hard to make such decisions in heat of the moment.

When you are feeling better, let me know. I’ll try my best to help you out. Give me a text if I missed the post. My apologies in advance.

When you are feeling better, delicate 30min each day. Take a scroll in the park. Nature and Trees absorb your negative energy or qi. You can go and read about this aspect of natural healing.