B = ƒ(P, E); Behavior (B) is a function (f) of the person (P,八字命理) in their environment (E,宅居風水).

Kurt Lewin (September 9, 1890 – February 12, 1947) was a German-American psychologist, known as one of the pioneers in social, organizational, and applied psychology. The Lewin’s Equation where B = ƒ(P, E); Behavior (B) is a function (f) of the person (P) in their environment (E).

Lewin’s Equation presents the relationship between Person (人) and Environment (宅) in Chinese Metaphysics (八字 + 風水).

In the Person (人) aspect, it is necessary to visit the topic of personality; which has various sub-components such as temperament and character. Temperament is habitual form over a period of time. And, habit is formed by repeating a an event (the ‘event’ could be inside the head). This event could be a positive or negative. And, being temperamental over a period of time, undoubtedly is rewiring the brain function, which in turn forms the character of the person. Character is a set of emotional and cognitive patterns that determines how a person thinks, feels, and behaves. Thus, a person’s character evolves throughout his/ her lifetime, depending on whether he/she is able to let go of the ‘event’ inside the head.

Often, a positive or negative event can be depicted in a person bazi chart. Practitioner should be able to outline event cues in the annual assessment, highlight areas related to career, wealth and health. For example, a’punishment’ frame (i.e. 丑未戌三刑, 寅巳申无恩之刑) in the natal bazi (八字) chart, which is permanent; or in luck cycle, which is temporary in nature.

This brings on the next topic of fate vs destiny, in bazi (八字). Can destiny be improved or just have to live through fate? The difference; when perceive as fate, one gave up taking action and goes thru the event, equivalent to braving through the storm. When perceive as destiny, one takes ownership, takes action and believes in arriving at the desirable outcome, equivalent to taking an alternative route, ask for help or wait for the storm to pass.

Therefore, knowing facilitates reacting and letting go. One could make certain preemptive adjustment or preparation prior to the events. And by knowing, facilitating the letting go process, one then reduce the ‘recycling’ in the head which in turn avoid a less desirable character development (in future).

Environment (宅) is the ‘container’ by which the person is in or the Feng Shui (風水) of the house. This relates to the assessment of energy or chi (氣), favorable or unfavorable. The effect of ‘piercing arrows’ (煞气) on the person or application of drawing positive energy (生氣) for prosperity and growth. The use of academic stars (文曲星) to assist in learning and growth. A comprehensive assessment would take into account the external environment (朱雀,玄武,青龙,白虎) and internal environment (納氣,埃星) to derive at a solution or recommendation for the house or office/ working space.

The Lewin’s Equation suggest that behavior is a result of the person and environment. Therefore, minor adjustment one could make after knowing Chinese Metaphysics (八字 + 風水) is similar to a ‘Railway Switch’; small actions, that could amend the course differently and positively. To change behavior, twitch the thinking – twitch the environment.

~ 明