Bazi reading , please? (FiveArts)

壬 乙 庚 癸
寅 巳 午 未

09 甲辰
19 癸卯
29 壬寅
39 辛丑
49 庚子
59 己亥

Metal – Weak
Water – Moderate
Wood – Weak
Fire – Strong
Earth – Strong

Yang metal, core strength lies in execution, you decide very fast and seldom regrets your decision. Has great integrity, moral and noble. Yang metal is Honorable, strives on Fairness and Chivalry. Fight injustice ~ a superhero. Enjoy study, and has many talents. Literary and artistic talent. Set goals and creating strategies. Tend to talk first think later so, importance behind keeping your cool. But this attribute of yours, gets things done. Always ready to help their friends. Always to take a stand for justice. And, gives others a peace of mind.

From your chart, metal day master with wealth. Show you are pragmatic, down to earth person. Below the DM, is a strong fire combination. which governs the way you make decisions. most of time in a rush, tends to be edgy, may also be panicky. water element in your day pillar. this can mean ability to deliver work as well as argumentative. but this element is seated on earth, therefore your career then to be more roller coaster, it likely you could have hop around a few companies. Also can be of manager qualities. by any change – Do you manage team or department ?

Wtth strong fire in your chart, affinity with males is strong. especially in this luck pillar of 39 and 49 onwards. if affinity is good, 1990 at age of 29 you should have settled down

Wealth wise, 2016 should be bad. due to a tiger snake monkey combination, at the same time could affect your health as well as parents. Your parents elements in your chart looks tired, do they overwork? Life in your chart has lots of headwind when you were young. May I ask if anything on health happens to your parents when you were young?

Generally, in life you tend to be the center of attracting unwanted gossips. And, it puts you off.

You noble man star is in ox year, it just passed in your luck pillar, so as you recall, the last 10 year since 39 onward, more favorable thing happen, anyone came into your life to guide you to do things or to develop yourself ?

You can reactivate this by using the ox sector to tab into the energy of that sector. Ox earth has water, you need that to cool down too. I believe, health wise you prob have ailment related to digestive, poor skin condition when you were young such as eczema and rashes. as well as in gynecology related.

Now you are looking for job, use the direction of East, where it is your blossom star. However, this may activate guys attraction so just to highlight. Blossom is use for network, where you can make your interviews calls or job offers.

So, use noble man (Ox) and blossom (Rabbit). Incidentally, this 2 sectors are also North and East, which is your life generating direction and longevity for wealth and health. So, you may wanna consider facing this 2 direction or have bed / study table in this 2 direction or even (if possible) you rest in either of this 2 rooms that has this 2 facing in your house.

In flying star, for 2017. avoid south and north west. as it bring about negative effects.

For crystal, Pyrite utilizes Earth energy, the energy of stability, patience, honesty, balance, and resourcefulness. An Earth element, it also resonates with Fire energy, symbolizing the warmth, using this to reduce the fire thru’ earth.

DISC profiling wise, you seem to exhibits Dormant / Influence type.

Let me know if you have further questions. I try my best to help.

Take care and god bless.