4 Pillars (四柱命理), Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

I lost my job (FiveArts)


For 己亥年, Northwest and East. Use water, air purifier or if you existing have crystals can place them there. Embrace positive thoughts in this 2 sectors. Each time u step into this 2 sectors of ur house or room must self talk positive. This 2 is to activate the positive stars. SW of the house or room, use 6 copper coin or if u have a copper Singing bowl use tat to cleanse this sector regularly, wind chimes also works fine. This SW is your 貴人方 but got a negative star , you cant use it. Only can elevate the negative impact. Each time u in this sector also don’t engage in negative self talk。if house is North Facing. Open window for air flow in NW and Or N sector. TaiSui clash u that part. Either u pray, or engage some charity works or lit lamp / zodiac protector. Unable to achieve 3 auspicious for u, plus TaiSui clash u both in fs and in BAZI. This the remedy I can suggest without any fs assessment.