4 Pillars (四柱命理), Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水)

Living a life full problems (FiveArts)


丁 戊 癸 戊
卯 申 丑 午
乙 庚 己 丁
壬 辛 己
戊 癸

water@ weak
wood@ weak
fire@ weak/ average
earth@ Very Strong
metal@ weak

Daymaster is on the weak side, invites gossips & rumors. Appearance is Slim, attractive, married and possibly been thru a few shaky relationship. Easily torn between 3rd party relationship as well. Although, Medical profession is your main job, there is a chance you may also have a side job which is earning well or interest. Do you enjoy other form of service industry such as modelling, photography?

Relationship with parents seems distance or separated and mum health on the weak side. Since childhood, your grand parents too care of you. 卯申暗合, means the amount of help or support your grandparents can give to you is also limited.

Health wise, there is a 丑午相害, 伤-腹部 (abdominal/ womb), 股 (lower limbs/ thigh), 精 (vigor/ vitality/ reproductive system). Do take note of these aspects.

Whilst, keeping a low profile, less “surface” friends and more confidants helps. As a person, you should also pause and think before you talk, in case it invites more gossip. A positive perspective would be 潜龙勿用, where you nurture yourself, learn and your energy in reserve temporarily, because the timing is not yet right for action. believe in your ability to win. Be confident, you are still young.

Since water & metal is weak, favourable sector for you is N / NW / W. North in 8 Mansion is ‘life threatening’ jue ming. Lets try to avoid this. Instead, if you can, tap into the 2 sector for the qi:
Tian Yi(Heavenly Doctor) 天醫 : 西 W
Yan Nian(Longevity) 延年 : 西北 NW

Another aspect you can look at if you have time to spare, is to engage in some religion (i.e. temple or church) work, be it helping them cook or care for the needy in your community. It help to build/ mitigate some karma since the structure of your natal chart is tilted toward unfavourable. You may want to read Liao-Fan’s Four Lessons (了凡四訓) to get a perspective of what i’m trying to put across. My wish is for you to internalised the learning.

Doing volunteer, donations or charitable work does not immediately change karma. It should change our state of mind and with it how we deal with problem from the environment around us. And yes, nothing in life last forever. With each finish, come another start. how do we deal with next start ? 潜龙勿用, where you nurture yourself, learn and your energy in reserve. And embrace a mentality of 直方大,不习,无不利, with each job aim that you are part of process and not reward. Also when rewards come also invite jealously.