Will I married twice? (FiveArts)


In my opinion, Every culture, society and norms pressure on people is different. A difficult rs, or sour marriage (to me is already as good as divorced). Because, both party are not exchanging energy and bringing out the best in the each other. The day master of this chart is relative weak, the support given to her since child has always been there, but not without disruption along the way.

By just saying divorce is unavoidable, it will cast a negative energy / thoughts in her mind. And, she would likely keep thinking over it and gradually work towards a divorce. Hence, it wouldn’t be kind to say certainly a divorce will happen. As, there are many variable along the way. Life is a journey of many juncture. Each juncture we meet people that give us insights, tweak and change our thought, hence changing our path. Likewise, this chart in her journey will meet with kind people who give advise and gradually better her personality and world view of life. And, the later decision she makes.

How do you change this, each night the last thing before you rest, make a little pray, a self affirmation, and gratitude. With this feelings, you ask the universe the thing you wanted to happen in your life (i.e. an enriching relationship, learn a better technique to better your career etc), the next morning you wake up, the first thing you reaffirm yourself again.

Although, Ox and Dog is a set of potential this set of harm. It not enough to damage the palace. There are charts that are alright. Assume, dragon tai sui try to clash dog. It would likely be protected by rabbit. Assume, it a ox dog goat combo, the earth energy pulls some fire away. Jia Wu Geng Niu Yang, this sign could even come as a noble man star. The sign of divorce is not strong because the structure itself is able to mitigate. Realistically, means, she as a person beside being contented, is pretty flexible to go with flow, accept the challenges as it come and work within her means to resolve it.

Why spouse element got ‘name’ but no ‘presence’ it because, the ding fire here in the chart, I see it as bing fire. Yang vs Yang, the feelings it less reciprocal. All this should change after 46. because water is present in the luck cycle.

In my opinion, beside seeing her chart for sign of divorce, also need to take a look at hubby one then need to tally up if the years and event match. And, if possible, casting a divination or see the house feng shui + annual affliction before, I can be certain.

Her chart, health risk is much higher. limbs, bones, soft tissue seem to be depleting fast after 46yo. In her 56 cycle, there is sign of surgery or wounds to the lower body. If financially allows. thing of getting some medical insurance.

For 2019, the important thing is to take watch of parent’s health. Career wise, I don’t think you have issues. You may even enrich yourself as I think there will be opportunity for you to move into other area of arts. Your Yian Nian is in north. For 2019, work at attending some courses (or study) to enrich yourself. If you have a desk in the north area of your house, you can do your reading / mediation there, a small plant, fish tank or water diffuser is useful to activate this aspect after 5 Feb 2019 till 3 Feb 2020.