Seriously lost at age 33 (FiveArts)

Life palace at 孤,hardship loneliness at least for this year. Relationship at 权; if you are in a relationship, it seem like your significant other is quite demanding on you. If not in one, its better not to tied yourself into one for this year. the focus should be on building reputation or image which is in 像. job/ career you need to increase your knowledge (not skill) as 根 is in 文 and 业 in 寿 which means no mobility. this 2 item move in tandem, but yet 根 clashes with your 命宫; so there is certain level of knowledge gap to close. Mobility depends on friends 友; however, don’t trust your friend too much when it comes to ventures as the palace clashes yours. take note to evaluate options carefully. 亲,建,福 this 3 palace nurtures you. take some time to spend time with family, do some exercise and better your health and some time to engage into religion, thanks giving, gratitude give alms etc. In another words, these 3 item give you energy 财气。

If you don’t have a religion, why not his vesak day, make a lamp donation or sponsorship. If you missed this vesak day, you can also do that at your lunar birthday this year. Those type where your name is written and place in the temple, where it give light, embrace in chant. It help to reduce or mitigate some effects of karma. If not, giving alms at charity or do charity work is also ok. this to use activity to stimulate your ‘heart’ with gratitude. Or, you are christian, pray often. seek forgiveness on the things your have done or have failed to do. Say sorry to the universe at large, ask not to be put to the test; and when it resonate, ‘they’ will respond in kind. things will put in order gradually.

After you done all this, your heart and mind should be less negative. At NW of your room, place a water purifier ( the type with water inside that turns round and round), this aims to stimulate the 生气 energy in your room / house. This is based on personal kua. And, this year flying star 贪狼 is at NW. use this to your favour. placement, you can put it up at 25 May 2018. Its one of the auspicious day this month. :)

This year, there is a 丑未戌 in your chart, that is why you felt so down. All this will pass. Smooth seas don’t make tough sailors. Heaven probably has plan for you later in life, that why giving you this X$it now. Hand in there, give thanks embrace gratitude.