QMDJ (FiveArts)


your palace sits the following stars and deity. White tiger, Jing Door, Tian Yin Star @ Fire Palace + Fu Yin. From what I understand, this is not a very auspicious combination. Tiger represent skillful and technical inclination, aggressive and drive. But also means surrounded by gossips, tale telling, fighting, quarrels. Based on 12 phrases, ling guan @ Wu, di wang @ Si. What this means, is that your are now at your peak, and next is declining. You next palace is in Xun 4 palace, in there sits, travel horse, hiding door and tian fu star. Good if you seek temporal get away, and develop your skills and learning for next job role. At that palace, you crash with Gen 8 palace what denote wealth and career. Zhi Fu at Kan 1 palace. In there has a ‘robber’. Add these sign together, career is shaky. job prospect is decline phrase, clouded by gossip attacking. What you can do about it is reskill, relearn and retask. Jin door in your palace is a good star. so, there is a silver lining among all. Governing knowledge and skills, hope and confidence.

So, how to make use of this information. Xun 4 palace is bad. although the stars are ok. At that phrase, it hurts ur career and wealth on the whole. So, now, you jing door and tian yin star in your current palace grows gen 8 palace, career / wealth. In another words. Now is the time for you to start looking for job and prospects. To answer your question. not only ur colleague will give u problems. Your boss and superior as well. There is clash between ur palace and zhi fu and it affect ur wealth star (so, appraisal could be affected since we are in end of 2017).

Rest more, take more fluid, your palace all hot stars. ur blood, skin, eyes and headaches ailments could act up during. Because, of the tiger deity in palace, could denote ops and wound. So, the more you need to exercise cautious and rest more.

On bazi perspective (quick glance), 8 char, you got more than 4 in earth. nxt year 2018 would be 2 more earth into play, this definitely give similar sign to the QM chart. sickness and ailment + fu yin (lethargic). That means, jie cai will be strong. Don’t play risky investment. go for regular savings plan. Annual flying stars, to avoid North and West sector which could risk triggering the negative impact of ur bazi.