4 Pillars (四柱命理)

Double yin earth daymaster, favourable and unfavourable stars? (FiveArts)


The metal reflect that you are the Influence Type (i) and Stable (S):
Abstract from my notes: The I style are naturally creative problem solvers who can think outside of the box. They are great encourages and motivators of others. They keep environments positive with their enthusiasm and positive sense of humor. They will go out of their way to keep things light, avoid and negotiate conflict and keep the peace. Seek acceptance and approval by others is the main desire of I Personality Types, Rejection is their biggest fear. They are instinctive communicators and participator managers who are able to both influence and inspire others. They are spontaneous and agreeable and very motivating when in a team or group. They deal with change well and respond well to the unexpected, often putting a positive spin on any negative factors. Their enthusiasm makes them a focal point amongst others and provides them leadership opportunities. They express ideas well, work well with others, and are not afraid to offer opinions. I styles make great spokespeople, are persuasive, and are known for their positive attitude. They accomplish goals through sense of humor and through people. They are extremely accepting of others and are strong leaders in brainstorming sessions.

The S style is reliant and dependable. They are patient, good listeners, who want to work with teams in a harmonious way. They strive for consensus and will try hard to reconcile conflicts as they arise. They are compliant towards authority and a loyal team player. The S is also good at multi-tasking and seeing tasks through until completion. S strives for stability and a feeling of peace and safety, they fear the loss of security through change. Hind side, The S style wants stability, predictability, and harmony. S Personality Types desire sincere appreciation for their acts of kindness and security in both situations and environments.

You kinda wear 2 hats, probably in your career hat you need to be more influencing to others. While socially you are quite close to home, to friends and loved ones. Also…. difficult to set personal goals, can procrastinate and have difficulty getting out of bed in an energetic manner. Once you get up and move to 3rd gear, your energy is back.