4 Pillars (四柱命理)

Depressed (FiveArts)


The fact that you are depress and fire and wood being weak, you shouldn’t be doing destiny reading. You may be thinking too much and not taking action to better improve your lifestyle. Social media if you use frequently, try to cut back. Exercise and sleep improves fire. If income permits, regular check with TCM can help harmonising the imbalance early. This are to mitigate the risk of matter relating to heart, blood pressure, sleep, mind and circulation. Also liver and bones related. Your chart risk depression. If next year you don’t feel ok, seek counselling. For 2019, NE, SE, SW you may wanna pay attention to avoid as it trigger the negative impact of your bazi chart. Let work 1 year a time, 2023 is long way, don’t go worry about punishment thingy and after 2023 the metal combination it isn’t all Rosy either. The future you 10 years later, depends on your energy imprint and lifestyle now. You work that, it take care of itself for you.