Double yin earth daymaster, favourable and unfavourable stars? (FiveArts)

The metal reflect that you are the Influence Type (i) and Stable (S):
Abstract from my notes: The I style are naturally creative problem solvers who can think outside of the box. They are great encourages and motivators of others. They keep environments positive with their enthusiasm and positive sense of humor. They will go out of their way to keep things light, avoid and negotiate conflict and keep the peace. Seek acceptance and approval by others is the main desire of I Personality Types, Rejection is their biggest fear. They are instinctive communicators and participator managers who are able to both influence and inspire others. They are spontaneous and agreeable and very motivating when in a team or group. They deal with change well and respond well to the unexpected, often putting a positive spin on any negative factors. Their enthusiasm makes them a focal point amongst others and provides them leadership opportunities. They express ideas well, work well with others, and are not afraid to offer opinions. I styles make great spokespeople, are persuasive, and are known for their positive attitude. They accomplish goals through sense of humor and through people. They are extremely accepting of others and are strong leaders in brainstorming sessions.

The S style is reliant and dependable. They are patient, good listeners, who want to work with teams in a harmonious way. They strive for consensus and will try hard to reconcile conflicts as they arise. They are compliant towards authority and a loyal team player. The S is also good at multi-tasking and seeing tasks through until completion. S strives for stability and a feeling of peace and safety, they fear the loss of security through change. Hind side, The S style wants stability, predictability, and harmony. S Personality Types desire sincere appreciation for their acts of kindness and security in both situations and environments.

You kinda wear 2 hats, probably in your career hat you need to be more influencing to others. While socially you are quite close to home, to friends and loved ones. Also…. difficult to set personal goals, can procrastinate and have difficulty getting out of bed in an energetic manner. Once you get up and move to 3rd gear, your energy is back.

QMDJ (FiveArts)

your palace sits the following stars and deity. White tiger, Jing Door, Tian Yin Star @ Fire Palace + Fu Yin. From what I understand, this is not a very auspicious combination. Tiger represent skillful and technical inclination, aggressive and drive. But also means surrounded by gossips, tale telling, fighting, quarrels. Based on 12 phrases, ling guan @ Wu, di wang @ Si. What this means, is that your are now at your peak, and next is declining. You next palace is in Xun 4 palace, in there sits, travel horse, hiding door and tian fu star. Good if you seek temporal get away, and develop your skills and learning for next job role. At that palace, you crash with Gen 8 palace what denote wealth and career. Zhi Fu at Kan 1 palace. In there has a ‘robber’. Add these sign together, career is shaky. job prospect is decline phrase, clouded by gossip attacking. What you can do about it is reskill, relearn and retask. Jin door in your palace is a good star. so, there is a silver lining among all. Governing knowledge and skills, hope and confidence.

So, how to make use of this information. Xun 4 palace is bad. although the stars are ok. At that phrase, it hurts ur career and wealth on the whole. So, now, you jing door and tian yin star in your current palace grows gen 8 palace, career / wealth. In another words. Now is the time for you to start looking for job and prospects. To answer your question. not only ur colleague will give u problems. Your boss and superior as well. There is clash between ur palace and zhi fu and it affect ur wealth star (so, appraisal could be affected since we are in end of 2017).

Rest more, take more fluid, your palace all hot stars. ur blood, skin, eyes and headaches ailments could act up during. Because, of the tiger deity in palace, could denote ops and wound. So, the more you need to exercise cautious and rest more.

On bazi perspective (quick glance), 8 char, you got more than 4 in earth. nxt year 2018 would be 2 more earth into play, this definitely give similar sign to the QM chart. sickness and ailment + fu yin (lethargic). That means, jie cai will be strong. Don’t play risky investment. go for regular savings plan. Annual flying stars, to avoid North and West sector which could risk triggering the negative impact of ur bazi.

Seriously lost at age 33 (FiveArts)

Life palace at 孤,hardship loneliness at least for this year. Relationship at 权; if you are in a relationship, it seem like your significant other is quite demanding on you. If not in one, its better not to tied yourself into one for this year. the focus should be on building reputation or image which is in 像. job/ career you need to increase your knowledge (not skill) as 根 is in 文 and 业 in 寿 which means no mobility. this 2 item move in tandem, but yet 根 clashes with your 命宫; so there is certain level of knowledge gap to close. Mobility depends on friends 友; however, don’t trust your friend too much when it comes to ventures as the palace clashes yours. take note to evaluate options carefully. 亲,建,福 this 3 palace nurtures you. take some time to spend time with family, do some exercise and better your health and some time to engage into religion, thanks giving, gratitude give alms etc. In another words, these 3 item give you energy 财气。

If you don’t have a religion, why not his vesak day, make a lamp donation or sponsorship. If you missed this vesak day, you can also do that at your lunar birthday this year. Those type where your name is written and place in the temple, where it give light, embrace in chant. It help to reduce or mitigate some effects of karma. If not, giving alms at charity or do charity work is also ok. this to use activity to stimulate your ‘heart’ with gratitude. Or, you are christian, pray often. seek forgiveness on the things your have done or have failed to do. Say sorry to the universe at large, ask not to be put to the test; and when it resonate, ‘they’ will respond in kind. things will put in order gradually.

After you done all this, your heart and mind should be less negative. At NW of your room, place a water purifier ( the type with water inside that turns round and round), this aims to stimulate the 生气 energy in your room / house. This is based on personal kua. And, this year flying star 贪狼 is at NW. use this to your favour. placement, you can put it up at 25 May 2018. Its one of the auspicious day this month. :)

This year, there is a 丑未戌 in your chart, that is why you felt so down. All this will pass. Smooth seas don’t make tough sailors. Heaven probably has plan for you later in life, that why giving you this X$it now. Hand in there, give thanks embrace gratitude.

Depressed (FiveArts)

The fact that you are depress and fire and wood being weak, you shouldn’t be doing destiny reading. You may be thinking too much and not taking action to better improve your lifestyle. Social media if you use frequently, try to cut back. Exercise and sleep improves fire. If income permits, regular check with TCM can help harmonising the imbalance early. This are to mitigate the risk of matter relating to heart, blood pressure, sleep, mind and circulation. Also liver and bones related. Your chart risk depression. If next year you don’t feel ok, seek counselling. For 2019, NE, SE, SW you may wanna pay attention to avoid as it trigger the negative impact of your bazi chart. Let work 1 year a time, 2023 is long way, don’t go worry about punishment thingy and after 2023 the metal combination it isn’t all Rosy either. The future you 10 years later, depends on your energy imprint and lifestyle now. You work that, it take care of itself for you.