Einstein, Xuan Kong and Classical Feng Shui

Take a minute, think of this for a while…

In a old Chinese Feng Shui text quote, to understand Xuan Kong Feng Shui, answers lies within the 5 elements (energy) – “明玄空,只在五行中”.

According to Einstein, ‘Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.’

And, Albert Einstein once said: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

Therefore, in Feng Shui, the energy in each facing, each star, each trigrams, we can only either be using them (for auspicious energy) or transmuting them (for Inauspicious energy).

In the classical view of Feng Shui, we can either use it or we avoid. Of course, when the classic are written, lifestyle was less hectic, there is no concept of high rise building and land parcels are quite large. So, avoiding seems viable and disruptive to the way if life.

Crystals, rocks and metals placement, scents or even the use of colors. Each has it own form of vibes. It natural energy that could energise or transmute. Crystals and metals are rocks and minerals formation over long periods of time as part of the Earth, which shares a part of the Earth natural vibration. Scents on the other hand are from plants and trees extracts. Colors are part of light, which in science is solar energy. Since all these are part of nature and it exist naturally, why can’t we use them (since these are part of the Earth (地) in the often heard Feng Shui Trinity ~ 天,地,人) to enhances our well being? What classical at this point is our mindset.

In another perspective, the classical enthusiast shouldn’t be using QMDJ as the use of QMDJ encompasses the deity plate (神盤), which fundamentally go against their view of that the universe only exist the Trinity (天,地,人), and speaking of Gods and Deity are superstition. If Classical Feng Shui sees God and Deity no more than superstition. Incidentally, religion also then to view Feng Shui as superstitious. So, does it mean that ~ The absence of knowledge, is superstition?

How can we expect to solve the problems that exist in Classical Feng Shui with the same ideas and tools that creates them ? It’s time to progress with time…

~ 明

TRIANGLE LOVE. Help me. An affair Love (FiveArts)


I just look at the male chart. 破局因官事。 legal issue. This male chart always 怨天尤人, blame others. Legal issue in 2014. prob came to a close in 2016, but his life pretty turbulence. May face illness or ailment or accident surrounding lower limbs or arms in 2016.

i am so impressed by your talent on learning this art, J27945. you are deciphering my chart and my affair chart so well.