Shungite is very old, ancient in fact, said to be around 2 billion years old. It is an extraordinarily positive stone, and using it may bring you a variety of blessings. This is an amazing stone, and one that is beneficial to a healthy life. It is one of the only known natural material known to contain fullerenes, which are powerful anti-oxidants.

Written By Liz Oakes

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Desk bound role.

Your industry going thru major changes?

Both opportunities and roles clash you. Wu xin, can be seen as money flying away, if you investing, it prob a good time to cut back and stop for a while. This formation also can be seen as job loss. Perhaps, company restructuring?

However, the stars which the chef is in is still lending supporting you. Are you worrying too much ? Or something someone said trigger this idea?

TaiSui in this chart, clash you. So, be mindful how u deal with your bosses or superior, interviewer and authority.

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戊 己 乙 甲
午 未 酉 申

运: 癸亥 (36) 年: 丁酉 (2017)

Day Master yi wood. You are an analyzer and a great judge of character. You are adaptable, well mannered and mentally agile. Basically a fast learner and able to sway with surroundings. You are well organized, plan well and able to see a situation from many perspectives. This are the strength.

Seem like you are quite stress up. Also, you need to watch your temperament too. sometimes quick temper causes later regrets.

Prone to skin disorder and stomach upsets. blood weakness could be in the form of cholesterol and blood pressure.

You enjoy drinking and socialized or a chill in pub.

If not mistaken, are academically inclined, did well in school. likely a university graduate, tertiary education. Middle income family, Environment has gossips and growing up hasn’t been easy, parents might be strict to you. childhood days and working life hasnt’ been smooth or easy.

In your mid 20s (i.e. 26 yo still fine. and probably did well in your career and investments. if you have work hard, should be a manager (mid-top) management by now. in 2014, 2015 investments or if you are a business owner, there is some monetary issues or dispute. which could be due to an opportunity in 2013 and you jump into it.

If you are married, 2016 and 2017 has some affinity for child. At same time, may i ask if you have communication problem or some kind of gap (i.e. each busy with work or former relationship haunting you) between you and you wife ? May I ask if your wife is non-local ?

hope you can verify.

You may consider.
Sheng Qi – working in the north direction of the house/ room to tap on this chi to help in work. To be specific, use the sector of rat. This happens to be a noble man in your sheng qi direction.

Tian Yi and Yan Nian – rest or sleep in the south & east direction of the house/ room for health. Horse sector denotes you blossom, for love life and networking.

To answer your question.

1) Is wealth, resource and power my favourable or unfavourable element?
>> Resource and friend are favourable. But it has to be full water. such as gui hai or ren zi. But friend element is usable. Can I check if this 3 years are smooth sailing for you? since you have entered gui hai water luck cycle.

2) Is wealth, resource and power strong or weak in my chart
>> Wealth is strong

3) Is wealth, resource or power supported?
>> Wealth and authority is support each other.

4) Do i have any of the 4 tombs in my chart?
>> wei earth

5) Any thing from my charts which is more important to take note of which will help my overall situation
>> What is your overall situation, what is the primary matter you are interested to focus right now ? for example, i don’t want to push for sheng qi and get you overwork if you are already very stress or putting blossom in your life if you are have marital relationship issues etc..

I think your house generally suits you.

Your living room is in the south sector of the house. in a good position, if possible, have more people dining there. stimulate the chi in that sector. based on your floor plan, the side closer to the door should be more favorable than the side closer to the bedroom.

Main bedroom has a favors rest / health but not wealth. Dont think of work when you are resting. if you need to make a business decision or take a call. go to your living room. sector of horse.

Request for assistance to determine HDB flat facing and sitting (FiveArts)

The stars I plot looks good, but. can you double check that your door has nothing blocking it, prefer to see water. On the north side prefer to have another block sheltering you (prefer). ~ I think this landscape is not present becasue you say you are have some obstruction in career, wealth and possible unnecessary gossip / argument. Importantly, did you put something in the south east corner of your main bedroom (if yes, remove it or shift it ).