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桃花 (Peach Blossom)

桃花 (Peach Blossom), in BAZI is relate to a Zodiac Animal that give energy to a San He combination. So, why some Peach Blossoms sound like sales talk and some able to realise the effect? I’ll look at the various layers of Feng Shui instead of simply a yearly analysis.

For example,
Snake Rooster Ox, blossom with Horse
巳、酉、丑 桃花在午…
Tiger Horse Dog, blossom with Rabbit
寅、午、戌 桃花在卯…
Monkey Rat Dragon, blossom with Rooster
申、子、辰 桃花在酉…
Pig Rabbit Goat, blossom with Rat
亥、卯、未 桃花在子…

To make use of this information to enhance network, social and love luck. For example a person male born in 1978, based on his life Kua (命卦), it is Xun (巽). And, Yan Nian (延年) that govern relationship is in East. In the east sector comprise of Tiger and Rabbit. Rabbit is a peach blossom and it is nurtured by TaiSui for 2019. He can tap into this sector to enhance his network, social and love luck.

Coincidentally, the yearly Officer Flying Stat land in the east. If the house faces or has bedroom or study room which he is using for his work endeavors, it is actually an auspicious combination for career advancement as well as for social and love luck. Same principle, it work for female born in 1998, year of Tiger.

This is an actual advise I’ve given someone this year since he has the blessing of both the time (i.e born in 1978 + this 2019 TaiSui helping) and space (i.e. the bed headboard faces the east). And, of course his BAZI is moving into wealth and love luck cycle.

~ 明