QMDJ Liu He Harmony (FiveArts)


Rest door also can be inferred as intimate relationship already exist.

Giving more time is because the palace is empty. And I’m not sure of the other energy or palace reaction to this palace. Plus, the Stars and door can be refer to other man or relationship. So I say giving more time.

Also. U notice yi wood is on top. Means she is the fleeting one, she has choices. That make me think she has more than 1 suitors.

Every practitioners looks at this differently. Especially for this kind of chart & questions. While there are those who can forecast until very ‘exciting’ like dramas and love stories (I’m not skillful enough in literature to do this type of forecast).

Nonetheless, if this question is ask directed to me. I’ll also ask for the person 四柱. While in 奇門, a lot of sign can be foretold, it often at a micro level. i would still take a look at the 四柱 to gauge the macro view of the person destiny holistically, in order to help him/ her reach a decision. Last to touch is Feng Shui. This is usually my approach.

In there, is a issue of timing and ‘取像’ or take image problem. Did something happen to trigger this question, any signs that externally trigger this thoughts? , when the question is being ask or even when did I read the question (for this thread or email question per se). All this, to me is an ‘affinity’ If, i’m meant to read and help, from experience the chart as at the time of question ask vs the chart as at the time I read, can come in with similar signs.

In practice, if the sign are correct it will form a trinity in various perspectives ” 道家, 事不過三 “.

Meaning, from 八字 (1 sign), from 奇門 (1 sign), from 梅花易數 (1 sign), from XKFS (1 sign) or from externalties occurence to from a 卦像 and read the meaning from iChing (周易) etc.