Metaphysics (易学)

Will This Boy Be Successful (FiveArts)

2017 was a good year for him. Should have done well in his studies and advancement. 

2018, if planning any trips. avoid April, July, Oct and Jan. Reason to justify for so, is wu earth in the annual could post danger to geng metal. also, he is born in year of dragon, there is a clash with tai sui this year. If his bed room is in SE (chen sector). maybe should consider realign the bed. 

from the chart, the relationship with both parents as well as siblings and friend are good. this is a people person. able to draw from his social circle for strength, support and ideas. Don’t need to fix career with metaphysics. If you really want to, avoid the need to operate big machine or vehicles. Better to use his intellect and gift of speech. Bing Ding Fire represent a nature leader in him, his idea sells well among people. Strong earth shows a a talent and he is very particular and demanding on himself to gain ahead of the herd. For now, Allow him to do to his interest and strength. His mid 30s and late 40s, he would be doing quite well.  

Now that the environment is favorable, in my humble opinion, should allow him to have protected failures or soft landing failures.  My reason is such, his chart has a sign of self punishment. By giving him such experience now, it will help him learn the skills to overcome it in future. especially during his 27 yo luck cycle. 

I didn’t go to pick up year by year, you just take note. so long you see Wu or Ji Earth, generally exercise cautious in the things he do or venture into. From my experience, the structure of this chart, may come to a time where in his life, all the good people around him turn bad. (i.e. useful god, turn nasty). To justify, why the need to give him or let him go thru protected failures now. This is the best way to avert the punishment frame in his chart.