4 Pillars (四柱命理)

Careers by Five Elements based on Four Pillars of Destiny


Wood-related jobs

The general of Wood is growth is the nature of plants to grow, upwards, towards the light. Since the principles of growth and progress figure prominently in the education field, if you are a teacher, trainer, tutor, coach and the like, involved in helping others grows, upwards, you’re part of the Wood business. Of course, if you’re a SCUBA diving instructor, your job would be a mix of Wood and Water.
Yang Wood (trees) and Yin Wood (grass)
If you are a doctor, by healing the sick and setting the unhealthy onto the road to health, thus paving the way for the patients’ proper growth, medical and healthcare practitioners are in Wood-related careers.

There are the obvious Wood-related industries – those that deal with felling trees and processing them into planks, furniture, paper, publishing industry that runs on paper and so on.

Writing itself create imaginary worlds, also write them down on paper, heck back in the day you might have also used a pencil as your writing tool!.

Please remember many jobs this day and age are no longer simple single-element vocations. For example, a hairdresser would be a Wood-related industry as hair is associated with Wood. however it also “create beauty and make people beautiful” and therefore involves Fire. At the same time, scissors is Metal. So when looking for a suitable career for yourself, it would benefit you to identify the elements involved in a particular position, then determine which element(s) is/are dominant/important, and understand how they correlate to your favourable and unfavourable elements.

Fire-related jobs

Fire represent heat; warmth; illumination; exuberance; beauty.

If you run a restaurant, wait tables in a diner, or are a cafeteria cook, you’re in a Fire industry. In fact, the entire service industry generally falls under the Fire category.

So if you’re manning the make-up counter at a popular outlet, helping people to become a beauty, you’re in a Fire career.

If you deal with computers and electronics — which use electricity, considered to be a form of Fire — then you’re in the Fire business.

If you deal with petrol and other fuels which need to be burned to release and harness their useful energy, sure you’re in a fire-related field.

Among all the five elements, Fire is the “lightest” and go the highest. Therefore by the service element of airplane attendants’ duties, and the amount of fuel needed to fly a plane. As such, if you’re a pilot or airplane attendant, you’re in a Fire-relate career.

Earth-related jobs

Earth can represent: steadfastness, solid dependability, nurturing, trustworthiness.

Pretty much anything that involves physically working with the earth counts:

• Farming
• Pottery makers
• Gardening
• Stone masonry
• Ceramics
• Pottery
• Sculpture
• Marblework

Yang Earth

If you’re in the real estate business, involved in the purchase and sale of land or houses, you’re in the Earth business.

Feng Shui, astrology and Geomancy are also Earth-related fields.

If your business is one that “sells” the feeling of trust or security, as in insurance, this too is Earth-related.

If you deal in antiques, objects that withstand and last through time just as mountains and boulders do, this is also considered an Earth industry.
Yin Earth

Metal-related jobs

The characteristics of Metal: sharp; cutting; sparkling; beautiful; orderly

The actual mining operations are technically Earth-related, the next step of extracting metals from their ores is definitely Metal-related. Therefore, if you’re an industry that produces aluminum, steel, copper, etc, no surprise that you’re in Metal country.
Yang Metal

If you are a goldsmith, a jeweler, or deal in gemstones and diamonds, these are more examples of Metal jobs.

Metal is commonly used to make weapons – swords, daggers, knives, guns; if you produce them, you’re in a Metal-related career. As the users of such weapons, warriors were the enforcers of rule of law back in the day; as such Metal has also come to represent law and order. So if you’re in the legal profession, law enforcement or the military, you’re in a Metal field.

If you collect coins, you’re in a Metal world. And the same field if you’re in finance, stock trading or banking.

Another example of a Metal profession is surgery: after all, surgeons cut into us using sharp Metal scalpels, do they not? However, the medical profession in general, however, is a Wood-related field – can you figure out why?

Water-related jobs

Here you must understand the characteristics of Water which represents intelligence with creativity; always moving; deep and powerful; cleansing.

obvious water-related jobs would be:
• fisherman
• fish rearing
• mineral water bottling
• soft drink industry
• marine biology
• scuba divers
Yang Wood (water fall) and Yin Wood (mist)

water is moving constantly and mobile, Water career:
• trishaw driver
• taxis driver
• tourism
• transportation
• courier services
• haulage

Leveraging the cleansing aspect :
• laundry
• dry cleaning
• maid and cleaning services
• cars cleaners • home maids

Jobs that involve strategic planning, analysis, creativity, innovation and brain power are also Water-based. As usual, it is important to note that in this day and age, most jobs are no longer limited to just one element or another, and instead comprise a mixture of two or more elements