Metaphysics (易学)

9 Crystals That Activate Your Intuition

Pyrite helps anchor your awareness in your body, which attunes you to the exquisite wisdom your body is constantly providing. Our bodies intuitively signal us about all manner of things, including our own health, the authenticity of others, and what decisions will be most beneficial for us.

Blue Topaz taps you into divine creativity. It boosts intuition by clearing and strengthening the channel between you and your guides, angels, and spirit helpers of all varieties. This facilitates truly inspired words, projects, and works of art.

Fluorite is a stone of clarity. It activates intuition by clearing away stuck, dark, heavy, or confusing energy so you can clearly see what you need to see and know what you need to know. Wear or carry a fluorite when you could use a boost of mental and intuitive clarity.

Onyx strengthens your grounded connection to Mother Earth while shielding your aura from negativity of all varieties. This helps you attune to the wisdom of the planet while keeping your psychic and intuitive channels free of static and interference.

Clear Quartz is an energizer, activator, and amplifier. Keeping one nearby turns up the volume on your psychic power and intuitive receptivity. Just be sure to keep your clear quartz cleansed and empowered by placing it in sunlight, sage smoke, and/or running water regularly.

Hematite aligns your intuition with divine timing. Instead of feeling like time is against you or you have to constantly adjust your natural flow to match the clock, this crystal helps you naturally go with the flow, so you frequently and effortlessly find yourself in just the right place at the right time.