4 Pillars (四柱命理), Metaphysics (易学)

Turmoil year (FiveArts)


@j27945  Your message serves a wake up call for me to let go and look forward.  Thank you so much as I meditated over your comments. Mention of karma resonates so much as this year feels extremely karmic (in a bad way).

Yes, am slowly coming to terms with my feelings, changes and challenges.  Life feels empty not only without him, but also without good friends and joyful gatherings.  Am looking forward to moving on.  No, I’m not religious but am a person of faith as a spiritual seeker.  Would love to meet a man of similar values be it spiritual or religious.  More importantly now is not just a person of faith but a faithful person to me.

Am unsure how to build karma if I’m broke, and it seems like I’m already over-repaying debts from past lives this year.