Trying to sell my property in Australia (FiveArts)

Using your timing ,  09 October 2018, 12:37:37 of questions.

On your property, 白虎猖狂 is not an auspicious sign. 本宫兑, relate to litigation. It likely you seek a legal channel. But the Constitution, face evidence and case is against you. The way out you need to get a documentation, videos, clips,  that the Constitution will look at. Basically to make use of 景门,  which is now in a decline phrase, need to find a way to activate it。your legal advisor should know what to do. The relationship is written in the chart. I wont blah onwards.  By 春风, 21 march 2019, if this is unable to achieve. The situation is probably lost.

Money palace is 飞宫各, not auspicious as it signify money moving out. You mentally prepare, the compensation if achievable may be less than or half your amount.

Your partner, 天柱破军,腾蛇,死门, basically represent this person think and tact a lot. Not open about his dealing, stubborn and authoritative nature. You know him previously and you already know what is it like working with him. My suggestion is you think twice about this guy..