4 Pillars (四柱命理), Metaphysics (易学)

Try to Analyze my life according Bazi (FiveArts)


Haven been thru any luck pillar  also can see.  His problem not because he is student, it from the family of origin. And even if he start earning, it possibly he need to pool in the funds to help out. As 2 decade of emptiness … and 1 of which is water that he need as career and talent star.

Dragon and dog clash. This can relate to ancestry wealth gotten destroy or didn’t pass down to you. And accidents in childhoods days, upper body related.  Regarding wealth, fire phrase not strong. And combine you metal instead of attacking rob wealth. So wealth should be your primary concern in childhood.

Metal is strong, and earth energy got no where to go. Rat water luck cycle in empty phrase, likely work or study also many headwind, not going your way.

With earth year this year. Things gotten worst than before for career or study. And parents relationship also affected ? You are under a lot of pressure and you seldom confide. Not good for your mental health, as fire is on tomb. Do take note.

So … did bazi meet your expectations ?