4 Pillars (四柱命理), Metaphysics (易学)

TRIANGLE LOVE. Help me. An affair Love (FiveArts)


i’ll look into this ‘affair’ bazi. so…. based on 14 may  91, 9.05am . this chart present itself a a mild/ meek personality, can be elusive some time because the day master (wood) is not strongly rooted. good & smooth qi flow ( (fire -> earth -> metal -> water -> wood) among the element in chart, i believe the girl has  good relationship (doted by) between parents, elders and enjoy support from peers and mentors in her study years and working life. Is likely to be the only child or eldest in the family. wealth in the chart come from the person’s ability /  talent / work. the relationship between ~ talent and wealth is favourable. If the chart (karma) is true;  in her lifetime she is deserving of  a good boyfriend / husband. On career and family, which can be a juggle  later in her life as she should do well in career.

Wowww! you are right! she is elusive and she really has a good relationship with her mentor and parents. Her mentor always like her and give her a good score. And yes she get money from her ability in designing a room/house. because architect is her occupation.

But she is not only child in her family. she has one older sister.