Flying Stars (玄空飛星風水), Metaphysics (易学)

Should I look for a new job? (FiveArts)

West sector (from the chart) opportunities is in empty phrase. You may wanna consider looking companies at southwards.  Next year 2019 Feb 5;  you can use air diffuser, air purifier (those with water ones); place at NW of your desk / your room / or house. This is a useful sector for you to help you with this goal. For this year, exercise some cautious when traveling / holiday.

Hi j27945,

Thank you again.

NW is a missing sector plus a toilet in my current house….
Also no NW (cos to walk in/out) in my current office desk (facing S/SW)……
NW in my bedroom is where my bed headboard s (sleeping with head pointing towards NW)

Will be careful during my Dec trip.