4 Pillars (四柱命理)

Request for reading please (FiveArts)


2018 – Chou wei xu harm.  Injure in aspect of wood and earth.  Blood circulation poor, sleep disorder is likely, you can’t drink need to take care of liver, liver weaker could be due to environment, stomach and digestion, skin & rashes / irritation are common ailments.  

In 2018 – likely made some losses on investments. Too much earth. Metal overwhelmed. Metal is wealth.  In your work place, there is insufficient opportunities for you to showmanship and get the promotion. Is this the case ?

Also give the feeling of the Day Master being weak, you probably enjoy sour and spicy stuff ?  You work in oil / gas / petrol industry ? these are fire related. In one way it help your weaker fire.  Alternatively, north east sector which is your love and support sector can be consider in feng shui. North East also governs wood. Which lends a resource to your fire. 

Do your pray ?  If you don’t take it as a self conditioning program or giving yourself POSITIVE affirmations. Do it first thing when you wake up and last thing before you sleep. This 2 time, your mind is more receptive to programming. Also, do this at between 11am to 1259pm. This is horse hour. Which is your Day Master (Prosperous Phrase). 
Not an easy life you been thru. Any further question ?  I see where I can help.

Thanks for the reply j27945,

Yes as of the health in 2018 its pretty much like you said and i dont drink as it causes my gastro flare up. And for the investment is not lose but not profit yet. And i’m working in petrol industry.