Request for a Bazi reading please (FiveArts)

You are a strong earth daymaster, possibly middle child in your family. enjoy close relationship with your mum. Socially, with a wide network of friends and colleagues. you have a firey  persona during this luck pillar, can be quite stubborn … determined to sound positive, lucky thing is your friends hold you back and kept your cool. your chart tell me you are pure yin. people that are pure yin usually have hidden agenda (i.e. plan B …. plan C ) and can influence to get other people do certain things for you.

Health wise, you need to hydrate yourself in your busy schedule as there is a battle between wood vs earth. prone to stomach issue and gastric.  And do keep a eye on your vitamin A or  over-the-counter medications intake as well as Fatty foods (saturated fats) and salt, this is to take care of your liver (of cos, alcohol). There is no harsh metal in your chart, so accidents risk is rather remote.

Socially, indirect resource meets competitive / friend star. you may not be aware, i think you might enjoy some form of community work, ie. help out a church or some social organization in your city /town. you probably can develop future business idea from there as well. 26yo till 45yo you are on wealth luck cycle, good for wealth accmulation. its also good more marriage. 2004/ 2005 – you met your hubby or got married (2014 / 2015 – would be late marriage) ~ I need your help to verify this (I’m only a novice – also learning ^ ^).

your role a proj mgr suits you. I believe in corrdinating projects, and analysis of data. you have a good resouce star to support and a competitive star or friends in your chart to help you out. you need to manage and maintian this good relationship with them. the down side of this competitive or friends star/ element in your chart may represent mingle and party that might be unable to avoid. moreover, you are strong earth with wood. no worries – you can hold your liquour well.  And, I think you have just the right amount of control, 2 usable wood element in your chart. as authority, in work I think you can do well handling regulatory reporting / documentaiton as well as managing your superior quite well.

although you say you are not a managerial, the prospect of landing in a promotion next year is favourable, i believe you should be earning quite well in this role. cos, authority is useful, no wealth is show in chart along with stong friends and resource element. means your wealth is well kept.  moving forward, you are asking about retirement. if you are looking at a retirement policy (annunity) you may go ahead and take up one. if you are looking at  opening a business venture, i prefer you go solo and if possible when you are 46yo. If partnerships is must, please draw up a legal agreement to make it binding. And, instead of those that require hard assets where it involves plants and equipments or keep inventory stock, i prefer you not to. instead consider those that require intellectual assets and your managerial skills / network (i.e.  maybe consultant in project management).

I believe you are settled down. In case, you are looking for an apartment or a location for your business in future, try to consider a study room / bed room / office around the following facing.

Intelligence Star (West, rooster)
Nobleman (West, monkey)
Life Generating (South West)
Heavely Doc (North West)
Longevity (West)

This is just my 2cent worth. Hope it helps ^ ^


Hello Jovan
thank you!!! really appreciate this. 

to let you know….you are 100% correct, i do have a firey persona and I am stubborn 
 i do always have a plan a or plan b, if i do not have it, i can easily create one  and i can charm people to help me out 

for my health, i tend to forget to drink water if i am busy. i am not fond of alcohol, but i am fond of food 

as for marriage, yes, i got married 2015 – you got that correct

i am applying for a job that would be in the same type of work that i have but better pay. hopefully, that job will pave the way for the promotion you mentioned for next year 
  i find that i like a job that requires coordination and managing things

appreciate the tips you have given me regarding future business ventures as well as regarding business agreements 

again, thank you!