4 Pillars (四柱命理), Metaphysics (易学)

Ren Daymaster here would like a reading (FiveArts)


A very brilliant reading you have done for me. You are right, a big part of my internals struggles can be attributed to my parents. They are actually very loving parents but I guess a bad business decision my dad made years ago lead to where I am now. Not that I want to blame him, but I guess I feel like I have to do more for this family to help out. I also hold a small grudge against a sibling of mine who I may at times feel is sabotaging my progress in life.. or at least how I may of planned it.

I’m not exactly struggling with moving to another country, its not something that is planned out yet just random thoughts at times of wanting to move. Lets just say I was born in HK, grew up overseas and few years back, while my life was in real turmoil, I decided to move to HK after graduation to look for a career. But now I do have thoughts of wanting to go back to Canada, and I sort of feel that is the case because of wanting to escape a huge burden.

I will take your advice on the metal thing, maybe it is time for me to get a watch. Although I always told myself that the only way I’ll wear a watch is when one day I become successful and afford something high end.

Bazi has gotten me fascinated, does wu fire under my DM and xin metal beside it represent anything tangible that is part of my life (parents? wife? sibling?). Also it seems earth weakens water (my day master), am I correct? What impact do they have on me? Are they superiors (boss, senior colleagues) in my life ?