4 Pillars (四柱命理)

Please help this little girl, health issue (FiveArts)


As I ponder, the sign does seems worrying, let me continue, 2017, flying star, south and North West is unfavorable. Since, illness has already happen, if possible, shift the facing or the room, if viable. If not, placement of copper coin in this 2 sectors.

Metal, is necessary for the chart as her earth energy is too strong. Fire, that represent blood, heart and wood that represent tissues and muscle appears on the weak side. Her health is likely to be weak since birth. After 2008, is ox earth, then 2 waves of water follow by dragon and snake, horse, goat all add strength to the earth in her chart. Fire in the annual cycle is different from fire that exists in her chart. Can consider jade for protection. Also, she is 9 this year. If she can, should consider some prayers / sutra to mitigate some of this suffering. 

The impact is felt on the year pillar that represent ancestors and family of origin. If she is not the only one (meaning, there is other grand children keep getting into illness and disasters), you probably consider getting a master to do an assessment on the house and ancestor feng shui.  You may want to think and read along on this aspect.

My concern not just 2017, but also 2018. In 2018, its additional earth energy stack up and further aggravate/ attack those weak elements. A sign of harm and weak health. For now, i would suggest prayers/ sutra, avoid NW & S (although in her 8 mansion, this are good sectors), just avoid NW for 2017 and W for 2018;  can have a jade for protection. And, if she need to do any op, make sure to avoid earth months as well as do a check on alamac that the day does not clash to help manage the risk.  

Life Generating   :   SW
Heavenly Doctor :   NW
Longevity :   W
Stability:   NE

I’m writing this with a heavy heart. We are humans, there are thing we can do and can’t do. Some things, we need to ask for god’s grace for her recovery and better health. With this, I will keep her in prayers. And – God Bless. 

Hello j27945
I am so grateful that you kept my niece in yr mind.  She is now still in the hospital, getting treatment for transverse myelitis.  According to the doctor, for a normal patient, one course of treatment should be more than enough but my niece is responding very slowly and therefore need to prolong the duration of the treatment (medicine and morphine).  Her nerves are still aching and she had another MRI done yesterday; however result still pending.  Doctor suspect there are still infection going on somewhere.
We tried qi gong 气功, orthopedic writing lots of sutras, prayers and offerings.  At the meantime, physiotherapist advice her to try straightened her legs to avoid the nerves from further shrinking.  To date she still unable to move her legs without help of her hands.  in another word, she can’t stand and walk yet.  But she’s staying strong and don’t make a big fuss when she’s in pain.  But her face tolerating the pain simply breaks ones heart.
I told them to to move to another room, but this will have to wait until sh discharge from the hospital. It’s fire month now. So it means it will further burden the earth in her, is that right? Does it mean she will be better in metal months?  Next year will be a rob wealth year.  Do you know what will happen?  Roughly should be good enough.  Another question, will she be able to walk again?
Thanks for your kindness and time.  I really appreciate that.  God bless you too.