Please help for my next 10 years analysis (FiveArts)

比    财    日元   劫
甲    己    甲    乙(日空戌、亥)
子    巳    子    丑

木 - 太旺
火 - 太弱
土 - 中
金 - 太弱
水 - 中

Yang wood individual with more wood in the hour and year. This would give the sign of prideful, tyrannical and even controlling. You are a rigid in thinking, blunt in speech. Because of it you are perceive as impatient and critical; often offend people. When vice gets to you, you may end up in self indulgence. With 2 rats in the year and day pillar, represent bath phrase, you attract opposite gender easily, seek pleasure and has many likes in your IG and FB post. At a negative spectrum of this blossom, is the risk of slipping into affairs, misconduct and scandalous relationships.

Your job roles should be one that deals with people (i.e. teaching, sales, entertainment, director). You make things work, fix-ups rather than invent. A high D and S (DiSC) profile type.

Love Relationship factor seems weak. Should still be single (pls validate, i could be wrong). In the past, Likely to have been hurt in a relationship before (i.e. bf went off with a friend).

28 丙寅 @ 己亥 (2019) – both wood and water energy are enlarge in 2019. on personal health context, water is strong. prone to lower body, gynecology related matters. Also, With Fire is rather weak in the chart, the possible risk to that are throat, teeth/ jaw, thyroid, intestinal, heart, blood (cholesterol, pressure, blockage) and mental health risk (stress / sleeplessness) You should seek help if you think you can’t cope..  On personal safety, there is sign of accidents/ surgery.  On family, parent health should take note, health check, eat healthy, reduce traveling to high risk places. On wealth, avoid joint venture with friends. If really need to, plan or have in mind legal recourse.

丙寅 – Feb ~ sign of keeping matters in your heart. Fire grown more earth. earth is wealth; and this relate to wealth woes. within family members.
丁卯 – Mar ~ similar sign in Feb.
戊辰 – Apr ~ earth take in some water energy, consider ok month.
己巳 – May ~ risk of health issues (mentioned above)
庚午 – June ~ similar sign in May
辛未 – July ~ earth help control excessive water, protect fire. If earlier is unwell. this is time of gradual recovery.
壬申 – Aug ~ mind is depress (depression sign), sadness and health matters.
癸酉 – Sep ~ similar to Aug.
甲戌 – Oct ~ sign of keeping matters in your heart. Stubborn.
乙亥 – Nov ~  water month. prone to lower body, gynecology related matters. And, fire becomes weak. immunity is weaker
丙子 – Dec ~ similar to sep.
丁丑 – Jan ~ sign of keeping matters in your heart.

生氣   :   西南
天醫   :   西北  – useful sector, positive flying star in 2019 as well. use this to mitigate health related concerns.
延年   :   西 – useful sector, positive flying star in 2019 as well. use this to improve relationship and networks.
伏位   :   東北