Looking to see if she is the one for me (FiveArts)


May 27 1976
Smooth chi flow in the chart does suggest that you are a gentle and kind person, slow to anger. Orderly and neat. yet at the same time 7K in chart also give an aura not to mess around with you. You didn’t indicate your profession, I’m thinking you are a business owner if not of white color professional, architects, doctor, manager category. because of the 7K and wealth in your chart.

Younger years, you work hard, environment around you was harsh, parents are supportive but strict as resources around you are limited. You probably earn your education overseas. Things begin to work better for you when you are 23 onwards. if it works well, i suppose you continue to upgrade yourself while you work.

lady luck has always been with you. either your no one catches your attention or you are prob focusing on work to make money.

water in your chart is a bit weak and chart lack metal, you don’t take much water when you work do you or do you overwork ?  do take care of youself, particular in these areas. shoulder, heart and blood circulation and rest. bladder, kidney, marrow and soft tissue as well as scrotum and lower limps.

did you meet her in 2011 ? … Although, I think it’s 2011, (yet)  well..  2012 / 2013. is also possible years you got to know her. And likely because of work.

January 28 1977
Attractive lady, demure and slim, well maintained. Had as much as her chart indicate balance, she is in a number of relationship. Got those relationship that is openly declared as couple or married yet same time an under table ones. She possibly enjoys the under table relationship because her man in her main relationship appear to be rather demanding on her and secondly, more connected at the emotional level . This divide is kinda tearing her apart. What actually keep her going is a small little support that she has. Otherwise might have lead to depression or death.

mum health seem to be on the weak side, and in her (mom) prime, she seem to have other focus rather than spending time with her. at the same time, , her dad seem distanced in the family as well (on chart). kindly verify.

sadly put it (my heart goes out to her as I’m saying this) her chart, her persona is not bad, its the entire 2 decade of wealth luck that spur (attracts) the indirect officer(s) in her life. that is why i mentioned the multiple relationship.

she would have to settle or dissolve what is existing before she could move on. If this is her choice, better to dissolve before 2017. as 2017 seem more woes with water dissipating. basically, legal matters as well as gossips to extend of possible defamation; and (if mum is still around) 2017 could weaken further in areas of her mum health.

its too short a time to dissolve whatever matters in her current relationship before 2017 (since now is already ending 2016). whatever it is, stay close to her, give her the emotional support, embrace faith and religion. Offer alms and build habit of prayers. it helps.

Compatibility wise. . . her weak chart is demanding on her when authority is overpowering. your chart tell me you are an understanding person, your authority is that of meek yet firm. so, i say its compatible, do cautious that after what she been thru’ ~ just worried that she would close her heart before you can go in.

i see if there is any more i can add ~ in the meantime that all I can see. let me know if you have question(s).

take care.   ^^