4 Pillars (四柱命理), Metaphysics (易学)

is this an unique chart? (FiveArts)


There is a reason I need to look at your chart. first,  her chart look fine. as it she should be a fine lady. gentle. meticulous as well as talented, and possibily gifted in speech. Is she in the legal / compliance industry. luck cycle always been on her side.

Childhood wise, closer to her father. I need to ask if anything has happen to her mother. In her teen and adulthood, helps from peers n colleagues. Because of her pragmatic feel in her chart, I think… Most of the time, problem get solved and can consider smooth sailing. She should be more focus on her career than settling down with kids. Realistically speaking, Given her age, 33yo. you don’t have much time to woo her and settle down and baby plans.

In 2043, Gui Hai year, she is on Geng Shen Luck, I afraid that they may a nasty arguement (this is why I need your chart to validate this against) If this info is not in your chart, it likely indicate as legal dispute, fines, bad investment or health ailment that relates to water (i.e. woman’s ailment, blood circulation, urinal/ bowel related & lower limbs).

Omg dear sir, you must be a physic O.O

she is a senior consultant in a law firm. her mother is currently sick, kidney failure and needed a kidney transplant.

you are absolutely right, she said she has many helpful people in her life whenever she is in trouble.

yes she has been extremely focussed and driven in her career, thats why she is unable to settle down till now, but she said she is willing to compromise and hope to settle down.