Car accident this morning. Help me understand my bazi luck (FiveArts)

Thank you very much Jovan @j27945 for pointing out some things I should look out for in the coming Bing Shen month of August. 

I did notice that when I was following a discussion on FuYin and FanYin last year and even made a note of it (reply#2)  

  What I read was that when FuYin comes, it doubles the effect of whatever elements there are in the pillar. 

Based on what you wrote  about the potential 伤病灾, Bing Shen works unfavorably for my chart? I would like to learn more, if you can explain to me please.

Also if the year and the month is FuYin as in coming Aug, is the effect tripled?

“丙申。火动,金怒 比克木” haha I understand half of this ie in Bing Shen period, Fire is active and Metal is angry (and agitated?) but what does 比克木 mean? Being Geng metal DM, does that mean I should try not to react to provocation and to control my temper/emotional response?

Unfavourable in this luck cycle due to 寅 运 and this year 丙申. The nature of 火 是克金。金 是克木。when fire is enlarge in this year. Especially same word, 火动。it then 克金。可不经,金怒 will 可木。the 木 in your chart only outlet is 寅。 internal to 寅 is 甲丙戊。that why I cautious of 病。because its 阳克阳,有如冲。 I cautious on 祸, and its 金 started is deduce machinery. What’s the op about ? Must it be done this year ? 

Rest enough is probably the easiest to mitigate 丙火 effect on 金。temperament and head strong is prob your personality for many year,  hard to change also. Just try to keep cool in situation slow down to re think alternative this year . 

The fact that we now know of August, means you have change the 时空点 。