4 Pillars (四柱命理), Metaphysics (易学)

Bazi Reading (FiveArts)


first, his chart is not strong. and flag with 2 wealth star. typically, this type of chart my first advise would be the person need to sit down are really go thru what he wants to achieve in his career or life directions. Cannot go around chasing dreams or his dreams will remain in dream.

2nd, the fire and water clash relates to heart, blood, rest and mental issues. water is his wealth and fire is his resource. both are needed and essential to him. The remedy is to make use of wood. Green, East, North East, Accountancy, educational, medical services, publication industry or even biotechnology / horticulture research.

3rd, caffeine and alcohol must be avoided. Fire already not good. Likelihood of high blood and cholesterol, as well as headache. If go for morning exercises, go between 5 to 7. Slow down and pick up meditate or if have religion, to spend time in it.

Useful God, 丙丁寅卯。moving forward generally feel is  40 to 59, 丙丁 to help. But 寅卯 is absence. That where you need to manually supplement wood element into his life. And prevent a water fire clash. In 60 onwards is 比劫 luck. Avoid joint venture.

To be honest and manage perceptions, 丙申 2016,丁亥 2017,己亥 2019,庚子 2020。all this increase water element in his chart, you need to pay attention to his health, rest and avoid risk. For children and offspring, I like to say better let nature takes it course, as it depends on affinity between the 2 of you and the child.