Bazi analysis for my daughters (FiveArts)

For you, think your career, wealth and property should be doing pretty well. Since, on both their chart, the early childhood years are more of resource and nurturing them oriented.  

For the girls. Both of them are on resource luck cycle. Have the resource from parents to support their dreams, goals and studies. Things they need and want are pretty within your means and reach.  One key thing is don’t overly dote/ pamper them. The elder girl is more of an executive, professional path. Love language for her is likely towards touch and hugs.  The younger girl is more energetic and likely gear towards entrepreneurship. Her love language is more towards gifts and time. So, when you give her things, you need to find time to do with her.  And, would have some things she keep to herself or unable to break thru’ (because of come natal chart formation);   This aspect, she probably need a mentor to guide her along. Fast learner and street smart;  her chart would amount to greatness.   If the name hasn’t decided, should choose one that resonate her metal structure.

I’ll keep it short. You should be busy dealing with her slight jaundice now. Her NaYin Wood is quite strong.   And, this year tai sui, earth year and in earth month also represent sign of some common new born health ailments you need to deal with (since her daymaster is water).

Thank you so much!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 😊😊😊