A lot of water – what does it mean? (FiveArts)


Wood and fire is weak in his chart. He has jandice when he was a baby ?  Kid is closer to his mum, the mum does all the teaching and disciplinary work, she wears both hats. His natal father element looks weak. His natal father is either weak in health or has left the household. As for the kid. His eyesights, Heart, Liver and blood matters seem to be on the weak side.  Prone to have jaw, teeth, throat ailment. 

2021 丁丑, accident prone year on arms/ fingers & lower limbs. avoid holidays or adventurous activity if possible. 

Loyal. Courageous. Kindhearted and Dignified individual. Make friends easily, enjoy freedom. This are positive yang attributes but with a negative yin side – may mixed with wrong clicks and gets into trouble in childhood. take note of year 2028 (戊 申) & 2029 (己酉) easily to get into trouble with teachers or disciplinary laws. Matters & cue you should start to look for disgrant & unhappiness in his social relationship in 2027 (丁未). 

2027 (丁未) , there is a 戌未, punishment and a 子未.  Event in this year is not a bad one. It likely one of his friend would get into trouble while he is saved. But as he is dignified and loyal person, he may feel negative about it. So, just that as parents, need to explain the ‘what if’ to help him understand and grow into adulthood. 

If 2027 is done nicely, 2028 & 2029 would have lesser of a headache. You understand what I meant, don’t you ?

Remedy, I’m using BAZI, so its a chinese culture I’m embracing. We all want our kids to be dragon. First, we have to train them like horse. Teach them the grounds. They will fly when their time comes. 

Using wood. if there is any community, charity or church / temple / old folk nursing home in your neighbourhood. Bring him and does the charity together. Xmas is coming, many things to do which you can involve his little hands to help out. Help those in need, give thanks.  Educate him, first in areas of religion, give him a moral compass he can rely on. 

His nobleman, intelligence star & blossom are in EAST section under the zodia sign Tiger & Rabbit.  If he needs a room or study desk, use this sector.  East is also wood. Which he needs. And works hand in hand with the community / charity / religion learning which are wood nature activity.


Thanks for your tips! That is what I would like to gather into my BaZi understanding, so that learn and find,for instance  – which physical (real) acts represents what element and could bring support to weak element in chart. In this case, the boy enjoys outdoor activity surrounded by trees 😉

j27945 -Thank you once again!